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Sunday, October 14, 2012

PAC-12 Power Rankings 10-14-12

1. Oregon – Until proven otherwise – this is the team to beat in the PAC-12. We’ll see if Arizona State can knock ‘em off in Tempe this week. Ducks cannot have lackluster showing, as they’ve had lately against inferior teams, or they’ll get burned.

2. Oregon State – Lost Mannion? No biggie, as Beavs roll into Provo and punish the Mormons. Riley and Co now in the BCS picture. Are they National Championship caliber? Doubtful, but the state of Oregon clearly rules the PAC-12. Utah and Washington up next, Beavs could be 7-0 heading into ASU showdown.

3. USC – Did what good teams do sometimes – let their opponents implode and take the credit. That’s exactly what happened in Seattle. USC sleepwalked through this one. Trojans have CU, Arizona, then the showdown with Oregon. Will need a better effort to beat either one.

4. Arizona State – the 5-1 Sun Devils dismantled hapless Colorado en route to the clash with Oregon in the desert this Thursday. Biggest game for Sun Devils in a while, and they have the guns to pull the upset if Oregon doesn’t show up to play.

5. Stanford – Tough loss in South Bend. Is the Cardinal the team that took Notre Dame to the wire, or the team that bumbled against Washington? We’ll find out vs. Cal this week.

6. Arizona – Idle this week. At 3-3 and with their remaining schedule, they could go 4-2 the rest of the way and finish Rich Rod’s first season with a winning record. This week they feast on an imploding Washington team in Tucson. Wildcats getting positioned for a Bowl game.
7. UCLA – Didn’t exactly dominate Utah, but a win is a win and UCLA is 5-2. A week off before heading to Tempe – where we will find out what the Bruins are made of. A bowl in Mora’s first season looks realistic, but closing out the season with Arizona, ASU, USC and Stanford will make challenging. A “W” has already been pencilled in for the WSU game. Duh.

8. Cal – Can’t really puff out your chest by beating a hapless Wazzu team. They make anyone look good by comparison. Cal should’ve won in a blowout, but they only managed what WSU gave ‘em. Not impressive at all.

9. Utah – Kept the UCLA game competitive, but knowing UCLA it was them playing down to their opponent, a tradition in Westwood. Next loss; Oregon State. Utah does not belong in the PAC-10. At least Wazzu can claim tenure.

10. Washington – Continue to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Every opportunity to challenge USC was bumbled away. The play that encapsulated U-Dub perfectly; the kick catch interference penalty; 100% preventable, 100% moronic. I can’t remember the last time I saw that called, because teams are smarter than that. This team is reminiscent of the Neuheisel teams; undisciplined, only make an appearance for one half, and in serious trouble. Someone needs to file a missing person’s report on Keith Price, STAT. A text book clinic on how to lose a game in every way. The white helmets are a nice touch, too; they scream out ‘we surrender’. Now they get a very good Arizona team in the desert. Uh oh…..

11. Colorado – Blown out by ASU, what else did you expect? USC, Oregon, Stanford and Arizona coming up. Probably the worst CU team of all time. Can someone please explain why the PAC-10 wanted this disaster? Oh yeah, TV money. How thrilling for the fans.

12. Washington State – Watching the Wazzu game, two words came to mind; amateur hour. They used to play football on the Palouse, but not anymore. Every imaginable mistake was made, and that’s just Halliday. Looks like Leach is dumping his ‘sleep walking’ seniors to give under-classmen experience. It’ll pay off, but not this year. Bellevue High could challenge this inept group.