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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blunder: "Another Disappointment"

As expected, the Blunder achieved another level of futility; embarrassing tv ratings. No surprise there. According to the Sports Business Journal, the Blunder averaged the second-lowest viewership in the league, with only 8,000 households tuning in to catch Blunder their FIRST season in Tornado Alley.

From the Sports Business Journal (April 27-May 3);

"Another disappointment came in Oklahoma City, where an average of just 8,000 homes watched the Thunder games on Fox Sports Oklahoma, even though this season was the team's first in the market. The Thunder moved from Seattle before the season started."
Charlotte's dismal numbers were blamed on the Bobcats slow start and the lack of HD telecasts (only 16 games were avail in HD), according to Jeff Genthner, Sr VP and GM for Fox Sports South. he said all of the Bobcat games would be in HD next season.

The Clippers posted the lowest ratings in the league for Prime Ticket, with a paltry 0.51/29,000 homes.

Looks like more than three times as many people 'accidently' tuned in to catch the Clippers, the league's long-time laughing stock, than tuned in to see Blunder games in OKC in their inaugural season. Only three teams had worse ratings than the Blunder. All of them averaged higher household viewership (except Charlotte); Charlotte, Clippers, Nets and Timberwolves.

Cleveland led the league, averaging a 8.76 rating and an astounding 134,000households tuning in. Cleveland is the 17th largest market. The Spurs were second (6.71/55,000) followed by the Jazz (5.60/49,000), Lakers (4.43/250,00, actually LOWER than last season) and the Blazers (4.40/44,000).

More Corndogs, More Losses, More Blunder, Less ratings!

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JAWA said...

For a city that was so hell bent in becoming "big league" and boasted they could support the team better than Seattle ever could, you would think that the numbers would be decent in their first year in OKC. Well, that's definitely not the case, and it just goes to show that the fans in OKC are no different than fans in other NBA cities. Of course, the attendance was good, but even still they only sold out 18 games, which is less than half their games. You can expect these numbers to go down in Year 2, which will make things a bit more difficult for Bennett and Co. financial-wise. I'm also curious to see how their merchandise sales did in its first year, which also can't be good if people aren't even tuning in to watch them play.

Yet another "blunder" on the NBA's part in supporting Bennett's efforts to relocate the Sonics to OKC! Awesome job in swapping the 12th largest market for the 45th. That really worked out well, didn't it!? No wonder the NBA's going to hell in a hand basket.