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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Top Sports Movies of All-Time

There's been many sports movies churned out by Hollywood. Many under-achieve, like FOR LOVE OF THE GAME. A brilliant idea dumbed down by putting Coster on a pedestal. For all those that fall short, there are unforgettable classics. The sports movie is an American institution, so here is my top-15 starter list - in no particular order.

RUDY - Maybe the greatest American sports movie ever made.
MAJOR LEAGUE - "Juuuust a bit outside..." Cannot beat this movie.
CADDYSHACK - Set the standard for sports comedies.
ROCKY - Perhaps the all-time classic sports movie.
SLAP SHOT - The Hanson Brothers, Newman in a leather suit and a GTO. Brilliant.
EIGHT MEN OUT - Great take on the tragic and true story. Shoeless Joe Jackson mourns.
REMEMBER THE TITANS - Classic coming of age/football story. If you weren't moved, you may not be human.
ROCKY 2 - Very strong sequel - very tough to do.
PREFONTAINE - Great true story and the beginning of the Nike Empire - it's set in the Northwest, where I am from, so it rings true.
THE NATURAL - A classic - my least favorite on the list - yes I'm acknowledging it's relevance.
The SANDLOT - hilarious take from the kids point of view - an underrated classic.
JAWS (if your consider fishing a sport)
JERRY MAGUIRE - Cruise/Crowe showing us the money.
TIN CUP - Costner at his best.
MIRACLE ON ICE - Perhaps one of the greatest sports stories ever told - the young US Olympic hockey team taking on the Soviets at the height of Cold War tensions. This was more than a game, it was America climbing back on top.


Anonymous said...

what about BULL DURHAM??

acompleteunknown said...

How does Tin Cup make the list over Field of Dreams?

And the Sandlot over the Bad News Bears? Really...I mean...really?

And no Hoosiers? Who's running this show?

Anonymous said...

Field of Crap. that movie is so overrated. Bad News Bears, the original, is a classic. This list is pretty good. Maybe not perfect, but pretty good. The Replacements is funny, too.