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Best logo in the NBA

Monday, September 14, 2009

13 Thoughts on the Week in Football

1. Too much booth reviewing going on. I saw two college games where fumbles were challenged or reviewed - even though they were recovered by the fumbling team - the result wouldn't have changed possession or made any difference. Wasting time.

2. The Patriots and Bills desperately need to stick with those throwback uniforms - so much better than their current abominations.

3. USC is still the real deal. A lot of turnover on the team but a freshman led them to victory at Ohio State. Impressive. They should crush Washington this weekend.

4. Ohio State still cannot win the big game.

5. Denver Broncos have already experiences their season highlight. They better enjoy this win - they'll be few of them this season.

6. In the NFC West, San Francisco looks much improved and tough; The Cardinals look to be slipping - as expected (c'mon, they're the Cardinals); The Rams look horrible and Seattle looks improved and potentially very dangerous - but how real will they turn out to be?

7. Sucks to be in Chicago - losing that heartbreaker to the Packers while their receivers embarrass themselves, Cutler throws four picks, and Erlacher is out for the season. Ouch.

8. Drew Brees is the man. He toils in near anonymity - yet never complains while hanging up Hall of Fame numbers. Go Saints! I want them to succeed just for him!

9. How much longer does Jake Delhomme have a job?

10. Sure, Tennessee broke the jaw of UCLA's quarterback, but it was UCLA who smashed Tennessee in the mouth - winning in Knoxville and proudly representing the PAC 10.

11. Can Oregon make a run after that Boise State loss? Can Cal make as run at USC this season? Can anyone else win the PAC-10?

12. Washington tasted victory for the first time since 2007. The question is this; how long until WSU, a truly embarrassing program, wins their next game? What year?

13. Any questions about Mark Sanchez? I didn't think so. That offense has some weapons. Yes, the Jets will lose some games, but they are for real. That defense shut out a potent Houston offense.

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