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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blake-less Clippers Beat Down the Blunder!

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant's 40 points weren't enough as the NBA's poster child for horrible franchise relocation, lost to the NBA's poster child for horrible underachievement, the Clippers, 101 - 93.

Rookie first-round pick James Harden led the lowlights going 0-8 from the field and 0-5 from 3 point range while Thabo Sefalolsho went 1-9 from the field and 0-5 from three point land. Time to talk contract extension for these sharpshooters? Nick Collison had six fouls in 27 minutes.

The Blunder locker room was abuzz before the game at the team's chances to finally get Blake Griffin's autograph. Sadly, the night was deemed a total bust for OKC when it was discovered he did not make the trip due to knee rehabilitation and his total lack of desire to ever see OKC. Unable to regroup from the devastating news, the Blunder quickly gave in. Chris "The Layman" Kaman went off for 25 points to lead the Clippers who snapped a three-game losing streak.

The Blunder showed off their throwback uniforms tonight...throwbacks to last season, that is. Time to start the "where will Durant go" chant. New York? Dallas? Lakers?

Blunder: 5-5
Next Loss: Tuesday at Miami
Tumbleweed forecast: 100% chance or tumbleweeds.

The game was played before another non-sell out crowd in OKC. The local John Deere's truck and tractor pull out drew the NBA again.


BOOM BOOM said...

I love how the poll on your page has the option "Presti - Couldn't coach paint to dry." It's pretty pathetic that you didn't even know who the coach of the team is. What's more, Presti was the GM when the team was still in Seattle. With a draw of about 6,000 informed "fans" such as yourself every night, it's no wonder the team is in Oklahoma City right now, THRIVING.

Todd said...

Is there a reason you don't report the FULL story? like that OKC is actually doing well this year?

JAWA said...

A bit late to the dance, Boom Boom!? A typo on auroraave's part.

And comparing the attendance figures between the Blunder and the Sonics' final season is ridiculous and ignorant to say the least. It seems all you OKC trolls care about is the attendance from the last couple of seasons of the Sonics while completely ignoring the entire history of them. BTW, you do realize attendance doesn't mean anything unless every game was sold out last year, right? Your hometown hero didn't break even and it wasn't even close.

And the Blunder is "thriving"!? Playing .500 ball isn't "thriving", genius, especially after the Magic avenged their loss to them from last week. They have improved, but "thriving" isn't the word that would describe them. Another thing that's not "thriving" is Bennett's finances. That's the only thing that matters to him, and it doesn't help when you don't sell out every game.

Just like I tell other Blunder trolls, it might help if you actually take that head out of your rear because you're talking out of it. Then just maybe, we'll take you seriously (highly doubt it, but you never know).

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Well... We still have your team. It feels really good.