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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SonicsGate at the OKC/Memphis game - GENIUS!

Those who tuned in to game three of the Oklahoma City Thunder/Denver Nuggets NBA Playoff series on April 23 might have noticed a smattering of green behind the OKC bench, coupled with the sweet sound of cowbell. That would have been Jason Reid, Adam Brown, Colin White and Jeff Scoma, aka the Sonicsgate crew. And it's a scene that the league is only going to see more of, according to the rabble rousers.

Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team--as every Pacific Northwest sports fan should know--is a film that chronicles how the Seattle SuperSonics ended up in Oklahoma City thanks to the shady dealings of ex-Sonics owner Howard Schultz, OKC-owner Clay Bennett, NBA Commissioner David Stern and a handful of other villains.

The folks behind the movie, however, have never been content with just telling people to watch their film or directing them to their website.

Sonicsgate producer Adam Brown most recently showed up at Howard Schultz's book signing event in Issaquah and captured another fan heckling him about selling the Sonics (before Brown himself was thrown out for simply wearing Soncis gear).

Anyhow, back to the playoff appearance. Here's the video:

Seattle Weekly spoke with Sonicsgate Director Jason Reid today. He says the crew's appearance at the game was part of their "No Team Is Safe" campaign, which aims to remind teams across the league that, at any time, their team might be snatched away just like the Soncis were.

"With the Thunder in the playoffs we thought it was necessary to make an appearance and show everyone that we won't be silenced until we get an NBA team back in Seattle," says Reid. "It's really about letting national media know Seattle deserves a franchise back."

Brown also says that he and his supporters plan on shifting their efforts toward convincing local leaders to build a new stadium or to renovate Key Arena.

"Look, we can make all these appearances, but the bottom line is we need to build new arena," says Reid. "And we want to start moving toward realizing that goal. The Sonics army is more fired up and angry then ever. Seeing the Thunder in the playoffs, that should be our team playing at Key Arena."

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