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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boycott Seattle Times' Steve Kelly

In the latest article by Seattle Times columnist Steve Kelly, "It's Time to Forgive David Stern", Kelly urges Seattle fans 'to forgive NBA Commissioner David Stern', who's involvement was paramount to the theft and relocation of our Supersonics. Stern is not the only villain, there's plenty of blame to go around, but his involvement and influence were key factors in making it happen.

It's one thing to ask the average fan to forgive Stern because of his many failings; the bumbling CBA debacle, the failed business models, the meddling in a legitimate trade between the Lakers and Hornets, the revolving door of franchises under his watch, etc.

But to ask Seattleites, who supported the Sonics for 40 years only to have it ripped away because of his influence, to forgive Stern, is simply unconscionable. Steve Kelly is out of touch with the wants and needs of the Seattle sports audience and has been for some time. This piece of shameful, self-serving propaganda is too much.

In the comments section of the article the overwhelming sentiment against his position is staggering; I would conservatively guess it is north of 95% against his point of view. Stern neither warrants nor deserves 'forgiveness.'

Kelly does not represent the fans in Seattle, at least not when it comes to basketball. It's time for him to go. It's time to bring in someone who is in touch with the pulse of Seattle's sports wants and needs, someone who reflects the consensus, not someone who wants to make friends with the villain, and that is exactly what Kelly is doing. It serves his needs well as it leads to NBA coverage and a holiday card from the Commissioner. Well, there's an old saying, Steve; "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Stern is public enemy #1 in Seattle.

Where is Kelly's column calling out Howard Schultz to pitch in for an arena? Hmmm?

Seattle does not need to extend an olive branch to David Stern. It’s the other way around, Kelly. Figure it out on your way out the door.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS ON KELLY AND HIS COLUMN HERE! They will be forwarded to the Seattle Times.


Anonymous said...

dude needs to go. you got my vote.

Anonymous said...

kelly and the times do suck. I do want an nba team back in seattle, we deserve one, so I don't know about that part of your article. kelly is lame and he should go.

Anonymous said...

the times should hire bill simmons. that guy knows his stuff and he was not suportive of the sonics leaving.