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Friday, January 11, 2013

Maloofs Making Desperate Cling to Power Play?

The latest news out of Sacramento is that there's been a 'snag' in the negotiations between the Hansen/Ballmer group and the Maloofs. And by 'snag' I mean total idiocy.

The rumor is that the Maloofs want to keep a small percentage of the team, which is their right to bargain for, but they want to 'have input' in how the team will be run.

Wait, what?

The Maloofs have singlehandedly run the Kings into the ground. They have alienated the Sacramanto fans by threatening to leave, signing a deal to stay and backing out of the deal at the 11th hour. Now they have a bird in hand with this potential sale. They gave up control of the Palms casino in Vegas after losing a fortune there.

In summary; they lost the Palms, ruined the Kings, alienated the entire Sactown fan base and have been completely unprofessional in all thier dealings - and they want to 'have input'?

Yeah, don't see that happening, guys.

I'd be surprised if the Hansen/Ballmer group allowed the Maloofs to retain any ownership stake in the team. They've been bad for business an I can't imagine they want that circus up in Seattle. The Hansen/Ballmer group may be willing to over pay for a team, but they aren't going to be held hostage. That won't happen. They've waited this long, they'll wait it out until the right deal is done, sensible heads prevail, or they'll move on.

It's almost imperative this deal gets done - for the sake of the closing this chapter on the Maloofs and the Kings. It's becoming a Tebow-like circus. Somewhere behind closed doors, David Stern must be gnashing his teeth. Stern ushered the SuperSonics out of Seattle and publicly regrets it - this is his golden opportunity to right that wrong as his tenure as Commish is drawing to an end.

Until the next chapter...

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