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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blunder to split games between OKC & Tulsa?

The NBA announced today that the Professional Basketball Club, LLC, owner of the Oklahoma City NBA franchise, has reached an agreement in principle to purchase the Tulsa 66ers of the NBA Development League from Southwest Basketball, LLC. Oklahoma City becomes the third NBA team to purchase an NBA D-League affiliate. This brings up speculation that the 66ers franchise, long considered one of the worst in the D-League, is being moved to OKC. According to a 66ers blog the 66ers have a new arena, so it'd be strange if they pulled the plug on the 66ers franchise roots in Tulsa. Will they join their brethren in OKC?

Or does this mean both teams will revolve between Tulsa and OKC? Bennett has publicly stated he wants to play some games in Tulsa, but will they be expansion games, league games or both? A team with a legitimate home town taking the show on the road? Hmmm. Did the BLUNDER just become the NBA's first official unofficial Blunder Brothers traveling circus show?

Does this increase their fan base, or is this the first insult to the OKC residents and fans, who assumed OKC was the Blunder's hometown? Is Bennett being savvy or is this an ill-fated attempt to get too big too quick? Isn't there some kind of long-standing intra-state rivalry between the two cities? Will this possible city split of games be a positive or negative?

Only time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

auroraave wrote: "expansion games"

I think you meant exhibition games. Just sayin'.