Best logo in the NBA

Best logo in the NBA

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's in a name?

A Seattle attorney informed me that Bennett had filed papers initially to name the team the Oklahoma City SuperSonics, but those papers execution have since been abandoned. I wondered why Bennett would want to keep the franchise name and the stigmna associated wiith the move. I suppose it would be to take advantage of the established brand recognition. Perhaps the cost associated with the renaming and rebranding of the team. Seems like the move will be topic of discussion with every OKC game next season.

Bennett also absconded with all the beloved logos from the teams history. They'll be returned to a new owner should Seattle regain another franchise named the Supersonics. There is some solace in that for me. I have a hard time stomaching the loss of the franchise, but it would be a never ending dagger to have to stumble across Sonic highlights on ESPN from the Ford Center.

How many franchises move and keep the same name? Lakers, Grizzlies, Braves and Kings come to mind. Those that changed? Oilers and Colts come to mind.

Whatever they choose to rename the team, I am just happy they do not get the privilege of the name 'Sonics'. How beloved are our sports nicknames to us? What about the color schemes? Are we to wrapped up in them? Do fans grow too close a bond to a mascot and color combo?


The only thing I wish gone from the Sonic history are those horrible uniforms from the late '90's. It's too bad we had a championship run is those things. What an eyesore!

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