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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blunder on Montlake, Part II

Is it time to start rewriting the Husky record books? Will this team set all-time records for yards allowed, points, fewest sacks? Sadly, the worst has yet to come; Arizona will tee off on the Dawgs; USC, I don't want to think about that. They may hang 70 and 700 yards on UW. The worst will be when Neuheisel comes in and hangs 55 on them. Will the humiliation for this team, its fans and this once-proud university ever end? What can Emmert and the gang be thinking and saying behind closed doors? Their complicity is raging.

Getting steamrolled by Stanford used to be an oxymoron. Now the only morons are holding clipboards on the Husky sidelines. This simply goes beyond embarrassment. I've said it before and it's worth repeating; the water is tainted. Saturdays have become a public humiliation offered up by the worst coaching staff in UW history. A total package of incompetence; No athletes. No coaching. No spirit in the players. Another display of fundamental-free football. Ty has to go. For the sake of the future of the program. Even for his own future, coaching at ANY program, which is dimming as the embarrassing losses pile up. At this rate he’ll never get another coaching opportunity. I’m actually starting to feel bad for HIM.

Ok, I am back to my senses.

How many passes were dropped out there today? I watched Georgia/Alabama and those receivers snagged every pass that was even close to them. Countless passes on the numbers were dropped by UW receivers. No effort at all. How many plays does UW have in the play book? Six, tops? How on earth can they not have any imagination on offense? Do they not realize how easy they make it for opposing teams to prepare for them? Stop Jake. Well, that's been done. The new strategy for beating UW: just show up.

Jake Locker could be the best athlete in the Pac 10 and the worst passer. It was like a comedy reel watching his passes repeatedly sail so far off the mark. How is it possible he is not getting better in that department in his second full season? Seems like coaching would address that. Astonishingly, it has not. Had he been properly coached, Locker could be the ultimate weapon. You cannot say enough about his effort.

Once again on display was a team with ZERO in the fundamentals department...cannot pass OR catch, or tackle, or rush the passer or...this is getting tiresome. Tough to win many games that way…simply atrocious coaching.

Fouch looks pretty good for a freshman, have to give him credit, he scored as many points as Jake did and has a far superior accuracy. If Jake comes back, why not have Fouch stay at QB and put Jake in at tailback? The backs they have now don't even look fully grown. Can this team keep it together for the November 22 trip to Pullman for their high school game of the week against WSU? It may be the only win salvageable.

Let’s hope Pinkel is looking north and looking for a new challenge.

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