Best logo in the NBA

Best logo in the NBA

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Blunderwhelming Debut

OKC revealed their colors and logo amid tepid fanfare in Oklahoma City on Thursday. The underwhelming choice for a Dorito's inspired logo and California colors sent fans scratching their heads.

What’s surprising is the lack of support. Where was Stern? Where were the local celebrities? Where was Kevin Durant? An unconfirmed reports claims the dog walker for Oklahoma's own prodigal son, Garth Brooks, may have done a walk-by, but that's it.

I read press 'reports' from the local OKC paper, owned by Clay Bennett’s wife. I have to share some gems with you that honestly made me laugh out loud. The link is below with some gems I plucked out... ... 1220590270

XP Events, the Thunder's merchandising partner, works with six pro franchises. According to XP Events president Alan Fey, non-game day sales records were established for the company at both the team store in downtown Oklahoma City and online.

A record for the company. A company that distributes merchandise for SIX teams. What teams? They could be teams from minor league baseball, CBA, CFL, WNBA, or the WHL. No sales figures or comparisons are presented. What was the previous record? Non game-day sales records? C'mon. If the record or the teams that "XP Events" repped were significant, they'd be mentioned, right? Journalism 101. A very clumsy spin attempt.

The team store "...opened up two hours early." Two hours earlier than what? Wasn't that it's first day?

"The buzz around town has created quite a demand.” Good grief. Statement of the obvious.

Sadly, the most revealing observation may have been this; "Desmond Mason, a veteran NBA forward who played at Oklahoma State, signed autographs...''

Um, excuse me but...WHERE'S KEVIN DURANT? It's a bad sign when your lone star is AWOL because you know they begged him to come so press would show up. The face of the franchise said NO THANKS.

If OKC wants to be a big league city their local media had better mature in a hurry. This kind of desperate and clumsy reporting reeks of beginning collegiate journalism.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised I'm even bothering to respond to this ridiculous post. From the article:

"Based in Denver, XP Events is a three-year-old company that has contracts with the Charlotte Bobcats and Phoenix Suns in the NBA, the Florida Panthers in the NHL, the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL and baseball's Arizona Diamondbacks."

Maybe not the most popular teams, but setting a sales record with that clientele is still impressive.

Jeff B said...

Weren't these teams all in existance prior to the three years this place has been in business? So, theoretically they wouldn't have ever 'launched' a team's clothing line since all those team's apparel and home locations would have already been in existance. Basically, there is ZERO competition for that 'record' since it applies to no other client. This is the first instance that they 'launched' a client's apparel so technically it HAS to be the record, simply by default. If they broke a record...why wouldn't they have announced the record they broke? Because one didn't exist.