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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blunder Season Finale: Stuck in the 50's!

Ah, the 50's. A wonderful time in American history. 50's history is repeating itself for the losses! The Blunder finish another 50 loss season under Clay Bennett; 59 losses to be exact.

Ironically, The Blunder dominated the lifeless, listless, useless Los Angeles Clippers in the season finale for both teams, 126-85. In what can only be deemed a shameful performance, the Clippers solidified their place as the league's official laughingstock with a 19-win season. Hats off to the Blunder who came to play as the Clippers shamefully gave a performance so bad, the fans truly deserve refunds and the players deserve to be docked pay for being MIA. An embarrassing display by a pitiful NBA franchise. Eric Gordon led the Clippers with 22 points.

Durant led six Blunder players in double figures with 26 points as OKC went out on a high note, but ultimately failed on their quest for the 60-loss plateau. The former Seattle SuperSonics managed to lose 59 games in their debut season in OKC, a full three games better than the disaster Clay Bennett unleashed on Seattle fans last year. The Blunder has a nice core of Westbrook, Durant and Green and have draft picks aplenty. It will be interesting to see how they use them. They MUST get an instant impact player to keep interest up in OKC and to boost season ticket sales for next season, sales figures that are likely to drop due to the recession. If they do not get the #1 lottery pick, I expect them to package up a trade consisting of multiple first-round picks over the next two seasons in a hail-Mary attempt to land Griffin.

The Blunder will have plenty of cap space, something I deem irrelevant; this team was never in cap trouble. This organization simply cannot AFFORD to max out their cap space, even with new talent. The recession damaged the owner’s pocketbooks. This season's inaugural season ticket sales were expected, but how will the recession treat next season's sales? TV and radio revenues are dwindling and for a small market team that could be disastrous. Teams used to count on that revenue, but advertising money simply isn't there in this economic climate. The Blunder have to stay far under the cap just to pay the bills and keep the lights on. As if this team will ever challenge the salary cap with this ownership group. That's just hilarious.

The Blunder treated Scott Brooks to a solid win, which have been few and far between this season. Blunder 'management' announced Brooks will stay as head coach next season after taking over for P.J. "Scapegoat" Carlesimo who was not hired to win, but to ensure losses and help get the Sonics out of Seattle. PJ did not lose on purpose, but he was clearly the wrong hire to begin with; a very old-school guy with a roster of youth. Bad combination. There were much more logical choices, like Dwayne Casey. Bennett had no intention of being competitive under PJ; their agenda was to distance themselves from the Seattle fans. PJ was the perfect fall guy; too old to coach this young group and instead, alienated them. It was evident in the ESPN game early in the season against New Orleans; PJ had no control over this team.

General manager Sam Presti said Brooks proved his ability to communicate with a young team while demonstrating the necessary passion to help players improve. The Blunder were 1-13 when Brooks took over on November 22, and went 21-47 afterward. What is curious is they only committed to him for next season - no long term deal for job security was put in place. That seems like oddly conflicting messages to the supposed leader of the team.

Blunder: 23-59, last place, three games better than last season. Viva la 50's!
Outlook: Draft positioning.
Motto: More Corndogs! More Losses! More Blunder!


Anonymous said...

stuck in the 50's. too funny. Not sure what is worse; being stuck in the 50's or being stuck in joklahoma. At leats the 50's had an upside. Joklahoma? Not so much...

Is this thing on..?

JAWA said...

You hit the nail right on the head when you said that the Blunder's enormous cap space is irrelevant. Pretty much echoed what JA Adande said when he stated that despite having all this cap space, they won't sign anyone relevant to help them wim. The only players they'll be able to sign are the Ansu Sesay's and CJ Miles' of the NBA/NBDL (although they failed in landing CJ Miles. Yet another "blunder" for Bennett and Co.!). I really don't see them improving much next season, but to the Blunder and its fans, a 3-game improvement is OK(C)!

Anonymous said...


-Gene Hunt

Anonymous said...

didn't blunder also 'borrow' the same mascot the sonics had in seattle? friggin bush-leaguers.

Anonymous said...

What a bummer. I was really pulling for 60 losses. Freakin' Blunder can't even lose right.

RapBoy Clay said...

Hey Seattle, tell me how my A$$ tastes!

Anonymous said...

tastes like chicken! The Blunder have a bright, bright future. By averaging three more wins a season, in 5-7 years they have a great shot at the playoffs...when they are in Kansas City!

More Corndogs! More Tumbleweeds! More crappy uniforms! More mascot stealing! More rednecks! More Blunder!

MarkS said...

"Hey Seattle, tell me how my A$$ tastes!"

I wouldn't know but surely you must since your head's stuck up there.

auroraave said...

Rap Boy Clay. That is priceless. The fact anyone would idolize Clay Bennett by having a moniker named after him is a disturbing and frightening thought.

Asking how 'my ass tastes' is about what I would expect from faceless knuckleheads. Oh well. Freedom of speech includes freedom to be a mindless moron. Lucky for the OKC trolls. Too bad they cannot engage in quality dialogue and choose instead to be buffoons.

More Corndogs! More Buffoons! More Blunder!

Anonymous said...

rumor is the legislature is warming to the idea of approving funds for a new key arena.

on a side note, I heard the OKC legislature approved zoning for a new KFC franchise.

Veritas said...

Nice post about the season auroraave; you actually have a pretty good grasp on the situation for such a hate filled miscreant. :)

Seriously though, thanks for finally remembering to post about a Thunder win. I wasn't expecting it, and I have to say it was your best post to date.


JAWA said...

He sure does have a good grasp of the situation, doesn't he, Veritas? It's too bad you and your OKC troll buddies still don't, and you probably never will. But whatever, at least you're still bringing us the laughs with your idiotic posts, and this recent one of yours is of no exception!

Veritas said...

It really is sad, JAWA, when you can't stop your pathetic schtick long enough to realize that I was paying the guy a compliment.

I actually feel sorry for you.

JAWA said...

So calling auroraave a "hate filled miscreant" is a compliment!? I guess it is true that things are run differently in OKC (i.e. lying is OK, originality is not, etc.). I'm sure he appreciates your "compliment" just as much as he enjoys your idiotic ramblings here, although they're still great for comic relief.

And no need to feel sorry for me, Veritas, because I sure as hell don't feel sorry for you. Probably one of the only highlights in your pathetic existence is to troll a Sonics' fan's blog in a lame attempt to agitate and seek validation. As I've said before, there really must be not much to do in OKC if you have to resort to that, especially now that the Blunder's first season in OKC has mercifully ended. Oh well, it's your life, and I can't stop you from making yourself a complete fool of yourself if you want to keep posting here. As auroraave said, "freedom of speech includes freedom to be a mindless moron", and that definitely applies to you.