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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spurs Plunder Blunder as OKC Focuses on Blake Lottery

The Blunder continued their late season plunge as the Spurs hand OKC another loss, 99-89. Tim Duncan led San Antonio with 25 points and 15 rebounds as the Spurs played without Manu Ginobili who's been lost for the season with a ankle injury.

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant led the Blunder with 24 points in 40 minutes and Jeff Green had 16 points in 42 minutes. Seems Blunder starters only play full minutes against the Spurs lately. Perhaps Blunder GM Sam Presti is motivated to beat his former team, at the risk of jeapordizing their coveted lottery status. Durant, Green and Westbrook have each seen diminished minutes during the Blunder's last few games, dating back to their last win - against the Spurs on March 31st. It is interesting the starters log full minutes against San Antonio and no one else. Is the front office only interested in winning games against the Spurs? That's not giving the fans the full effort they are (over)paying for.

If Ninendo wanted to promote an NBA game (featuring the Blunder) on their Wii system, their should be paddle motion option to simulated punching Bennett. That'd boost sales!

The Blunder have lost six of seven games.

Celebs turn out to enjoy some Blunder!

Wayman Tisdale, University Oklahoma's career scoring leader, was honored at the game. He will be inducted into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame in November. Celebrities in the crowd included former Sooners football star Brian Bosworth. Most remember him for his hair cuts and getting run over by Bo Jackson on Monday Night football. His famously short-lived NFL career never lived up to his self-hype. Speculation centered on his steroid abuse as being a key factor in his injury-shortened career. The last time he was semi-dominant was in Tecmo Bowl.

Blunder: 21-56
Next Loss: Wednesday vs. Denver
Playoff outlook: Eliminated
Strategy; "Just lose, baby"

More corndogs! More losses! More Bosworth!


Anonymous said...

Bosworth and Bennett - double dose of douchebags!

Anonymous said...

maybe the blunder are recruiting bosworth to come off the bench for bumbles the mascot. wasnt he in stone cold, that d-list movie from the 90's?

Anonymous said...

I hope the Thunder get Blake griffin. They deserve to get him and he would love it in oklahma city. Roll thundr!

JAWA said...


You nailed it when you said that Presti wants to beat the Spurs since he used to work for them. Also don't forget that Bennett was part of the Spurs' organization at one point as well. I guess that's what motivated the fat man to buy/steal a team of his own, thinking some of the Spurs' success will rub off onto him. Well, that hasn't happened, and it won't for quite some time, if ever. Oh well, "boo hoo" to that!

Good to see the Spurs beat the Blunder for once. Kind of embarrassing to lose to them TWICE. Third time's definitely the charm ; ]

Anonymous said...

Man, you're right. Our NBA team is terrible.

Hey, how's your NBA team doing?