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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bennett Loses Another Lawsuit

SEATTLE – Professional liar and dirtbag Clay Bennett, owner of the Zombie Sonics, has tentatively settled a federal class action lawsuit brought by the team's season ticket holders, according to Seattle's KING 5 News. Bennett has agreed to pay $1.6 million to settle the claim.

The season ticket holders claim Bennett breached a contract by not allowing them to renew their seats after the team left for Oklahoma City in 2008. Bennett did not deny he was in the wrong. Nor did he deny he was a world-class douchebag.

The settlement affects about 800 people and means the cowardly Bennett won't testify again in Seattle, where he is loathed. A judge just needs to sign off on the deal.


Anonymous said...

Man, that sucks.

Now that he's spent all his spare change, how's he going to buy a coke?

Nice post though; with all the wins we've been posting lately I'm glad to see you're keeping yourself busy.

JAWA said...

"Now that he's spent all his spare change, how's he going to buy a coke?"

The bigger question is how is he going to afford to keep Durant, Green, and the others in OKC? Good luck with that one, especially with OKC being the 45th largest market.

Anonymous said...

whoa...bennett is in to coke? Man, that stuff is dangerous and stupid. Sounds about right for him. Ever notice Bennett looks like he smells funky? You know when he walks past he leaves a vapor trail of butt smell.