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Friday, January 29, 2010

Potential Tebow Fall-Out?

You have to wonder what the fallout from the Tebow situation may be. Will recruits with legit NFL dreams re-consider the athletic education they receive in college? Will quarterbacks seek out colleges where they are schooled correctly, as opposed to football factories like Florida where mega stats are racked up at the expense of learning the proper NFL skill set?

It’s one thing to win games and achieve stellar statistics, and it is a great achievement. However, we now know it’s not enough at the next level. NFL scouts distance themselves from stat-happy talent (aka RISKY) and lean toward well-skilled (less risky) talent. So, will this lead to a trend that pressures college coaches to TRAIN the athlete properly? How much emphasis will players and parents put into that...the idea of literally getting an education.

Sure, everyone wants to lay at the big high profile schools...there’s no question about that and they will always get huge recruits. Outside of the QB position, it probably doesn’t matter. But it seems like Florida/Tebow is the perfect example of the problem – high profile - many wins – huge stats – lots of trophies – zero NFL career. Who’s the last stat happy Gator QB to play in the NFL? Hell, WSU has put more QB’s in the NFL – Super Bowl winning ones. If you’re a high school QB with dreams of playing in the NFL – will the Tebow situation influence their decision to go to schools like Florida where you win on Saturday but leave behind any chance of playing on Sunday?

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