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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Will Proposed Change Doom the NCAA Tournament?

Yup, leave it to the NCAA to ruin the greatest college sporting event. According to the SBJ, the NCAA is considering opting out of it's 11-year, $6 billion contract with CBS after this year's Final Four ur in April. The deal has three years and $2.131 billion remaining. And that's not even the most obnoxious part.

They are considering expanding the current 65 team format to...get many as 96 teams. That is not a misprint. 96 teams playing in the tournament. The NCAA has its sights set on expanding to either 68 or 96 teams if it opts out of the CBS contract, according to the 12-page RFP. A 68-team field would add three “play-in” games to the current 65-team format, and a 96-team field would expand the tournament’s inventory by 31 games. Seriously?

Obviously this is an attempt to eliminate the NIT. I just gotta conclude this is a staggering act of stupidity and greed. Expanding the tournament will doom it to fan apathy. Too many games, too many teams without any chance of winning and over saturating the marketplace.

Sound familiar? It's called the NBA. And we all see how that's doing these days.

JUST SAY NO! Preserve the tournament!


acompleteunknown said...

it's a terrible idea. they want to give more teams a shot. But every team already has a shot. the conference tournaments act as a preamble to the tournament. even if a team is winless going into the conference tournament, they still have a shot at making the ncaa tournament. the ncaa should just do the smart thing and add more corn dogs.

Anonymous said...

yeah. this is just a terrible idea. Like a nba team in OKC - makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

another stupid idea. how about a 10 game regular season and then everyone automatically qualifies for the tournament. if you have a team, you make the tournament. turn NO ONE away. then you can have 2 months of 'tournament play'

Anonymous said...

Six wins, and you guys are running out of other stories to post.

Wonder what would happen if they got to 50 wins?

You jealous bitches would probably shit yourselves.

Anonymous said...

six wins to win the NCAA tournament? isn't that what the current tournament format already has? Actually, it's seven. maybe check out a basic math extension class at your local Devry. You may not recognize the bldg - it's a place for learning. Learning is probably a foreign idea to you, like showers and social functions where overalls are not acceptable. OWNED!

Anonymous said...

What the person at 6:07pm meant was that the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team this blog is dedicated to mocking, have won 6 games in a row, and now Autoraave, this site's writer, has nothing better to do than talk about a proposed change in NCAA Tournament rules and a potential drop in success for Tim Tebow. So, Mr. 6:51am, no ownage.