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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Go Spurs!

There's a great saying in sports; "act like you've been there before." It means show some class. Have some humility.

Being a loyal fan there is only one team I root for when it comes to playoff time: any team playing the Blunder.

So....GO SPURS! I don't hate the Blunder, I really don't. But as a Sonic loyalist, I cannot ever root for Clayton "The Douchbag" Bennett to win a trophy. Not after the garbage he pulled in Seattle. In a dream scenario, I want Bennett experience the heartbreak of a crushing game seven defeat - and then never making a serious run again. I want him to live to be 150 years old with that feeling in his fat gut. Then he'll know how Sonics fans feel.

Bennett tanked the team in Seattle to build a winner for OKC. Everyone knows it and the evidence is overwhelming. Blame Schultz all you want, he's certainly culpable as well. He made a huge profit while Bennett exploited a vulnerable situation to get a team to the dustbowl.

You always here the OKC ilk shouting "Seattle didn't support the team" which has been proven beyond any doubt to be completely false.

Then the OKC ilk shout "should've built an arena if you wanted them to stay." Well, Seattle did that too. A mere8 years prior to Bennett's purchase.

Then, once you've outmaneuvered them with reason and logic, they reach for the "get over it" routine. It's the same as "because I said so" or "just because." Anyone with an IQ greater than a tumbleweed knows you go there when you have no game, credibility or debating skills. Once you get to this point, any chance at reasonable banter is lost. Fine. OKC has the Zombies, so they've won that battle, but the hearts and minds of the public can still be won or lost. OKC may never win that battle - not with Sonicsgate out there. But they have the team.

So, why does Warpaint clothing of OKC print an inflammatory t-shirt aimed at a humiliating an already helpless fan base in Seattle? How is that cool or necessary? At first the printers defended the shirt. Eventually after enough justifiable outrage, the cowards backtracked quickly - taking the product off-line after receiving death threats...proof that Sonics fans are still a very passionate and dialed-in bunch.

Zombie Sonic fans dismiss any logical debate about the move of the team and always default to the demans tha we get over it - but then come right back begging for our attention. We argue, you want to stop; We stop, you want to argue. The Zombie's are in the playoffs, what do you want from the Seattle fans? Cheers? Acknowledgement? Not gonna happen. Not untilo you acknowledge that the team you're watching for was paid for by blood of the Sonics fanbase when Bennett tanked the team and tried to disguise it as 'rebuilding' when the benefits of rebuiilding would only be reaped in OKC while Seattle fans were left with the shell of a team and then no team at all.

Back to the shirt - why print inflammatory t-shirts? You have to know it's only going to paint Seattle in a sympathetic light while shining the spotlight on the injustice that was done to the City. Where's the common sense? This keeps the Sonics in the media and the further along the Zombies get, the more likely it is that the story of the Sonics move will gain more attention, and when all the facts are put on display, it'll look very bad for Bennett and Stern.

Should we print up a picture of Chesapeake Energy as a ship heading towards an iceberg? Nah. As much as Aubrey deserves that - it was his own professional shenanigans that destroyed the company. But, no thanks. We'll pass on making those t-shirts.

When your rooting for a team that's making a potential championship run, show some humility, show some class. Act like youv'e been there before.

Oh, haven't. But Seattle has.


Anonymous said...

You mad, bro?

Anonymous said...

one piss-ant t-shirt company warrants 1,500 words from you?

I thought there was more to do in Beverly Hills. I guess boring people can be bored anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are whining about a tiny screenprint t-shirt co. while your own blog spot features an R.I.P SUPERSONICS t-shirt?

With all due respect, I feel for your loss and i do understand the importance of sports and sense of community.

That being said, Jeff, you sound like a butt-hurt hypocrite when you whine about anti sonic t-shirts (which NO ONE in OKC even knew about until you and Softy started cryin' about 'em).


Damn Okies

Anonymous said...

"act like you've been there before",
IN 1979!

Anonymous said...

Wow DamnOkies, nothing better to do? Guess not.

Anonymous said...

I'm an American Indian, I'm enrolled in a federally recognized tribe (There are quite a few of us in Oklahoma!) we've dealt with centuries of broken promises, intentional genocide, the attempted destruction of our culture and what we hold dear, it continues today when we have shorter life spans, our women are 3x's more likely to get assaulted by white men than a white woman is, and living in third world can deal with the loss of a sports team....get over it