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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What if the Zombie Sonics Win a Title?

The sad reality is that if the Zombie Sonics win a title, no one outside of the Dust Bowl will care. Sure, everyone likes Durant and Westbrook, and the team is talented, for sure. The problem is that they have zero fans outside of the little outhouse on the prairie. Want proof? Go look in sports forums on CBSsports and ESPN where fans can contribute. Very little traffic compared to the popular teams, and this is a team contending for a conference title.

Seattle had an established national fan base - not on the scale of the Lakers or Celtics or other bandwagon teams, but they definitely were a visible team nation-wide. The Zombies - just aren't and may never be. Any title they would win would be tainted by the stink of the move. If the team had moved because of fan apathy in Seattle, that would be one thing and would justify the team moving to a better situation. But that was not the case at all. That's just the spin given to the gullible OKC fans by Bennett to appease their guilt. The attention starved folks of OKC will always try to spew that - and every time it only proves thier sad ignorance. Bennett worked the system in concert with Sterns guidance to screw Seattle over - that's why the issue will never die. It's an injustice. Anyone who says Seattle didn't support the team is flat-out ignorant - but in reality they'd prefer ignorance over the truth in order to justify having a team.

Let me simplify what Bennett did...

Bennett basically went to another town, followed a kid riding a bike. When the kid parked his bike to go into the store, Bennett stole it, brought it home, and gave it to his kid. To justify what he'd done, he said the other kid wasn't using it anyway. That's his logic. Anyone who embraces that kind of logic has much bigger problems, like being a textbook sociopath. It's also pretty damn creepy.

Ask Kevin Durant about the fans in Seattle in the last game there. He was leading the chant for Save Our Sonics. That move will always taint the franchise. If they win a championship - folks like Bill Simmons will talk about how Seattle deserved the team and title, not Bennett. It'll bring up other issues like the silly 'shared title' nonsense - again creating sympathy for Seattle and painting bennett and his ilk in a bad light.

No one cares about OKC outside thier borders, but the Sonics were loved all over the country - I know because I've met and worked with folks from all over the USA - not one person has supported Bennett. Those that are on the fence, I give them the Sonicsgate video and/or explained how it all really went down. That's enlightenment, folks

I met two guys from Norman a couple weeks back - we discussed the Sonics - they were big Zombie Sonics fans and said they thought Seattle didn't support the team. They don't feel that way anymore after seeing Sonicsgate. One guy emailed me saying how bad he felt and was gonna root for the Spurs now. He went on to say they believe the players are miserable in OKC and expects them to bail outta there. He said there is nothing for them to do there. That's not my opinion, just what an OK guy told me.

No matter what, OKC cannot win. They are a tainted franchise. Their fans persistant desire to remain ignorant about the facts will not ever change that. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, kids.

Oh, and keep your bikes locked up. You never know when creepers like Bennett are lurking about. Go Spurs!


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. It's sad that it came down like this. I live in the South. We had this wonderful team called the Hornets. Everyone loved the Hornets, a well respected team with great merchandising, the whole package. Due to political reasons, our beloved team was taken away. Then comes along Bob "jackass" Johnson, whom claims that Charlotte "needs" another basketball team. Well Jackass, we've already had a prior jackass owner, we sure as hell don't need "jackass part deux"!!! Long story short - we got another team, with a crappy name, crappy colors, crappy talent, crappy owner with a f'n arena that my grand kids will still be paying for shoved down our throats. Can we move our team to Seattle and change the name back to the Super Sonics?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, get over it,

You can call the okies ignorant, or in denial all you want. It doesn't change the fact that okies bought the team, hired sam presti, purged the sonics roster of terrible contracts, got out from under the worst lease in professional sports, drafted Russ & Harden and are now enjoying the fruits of their investment, in front of what is widely considered to be "the best crowd" in the nba. NONE of that is ANYTHING ANYONE in Seattle was willing, or had the vision to do.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, and keep your bikes locked up. You never know when creepers like Bennett are lurking about. Go Spurs!"

lols 2 things, beverly hills and seattle are much more likky to be bike stealin' towns than the OKC.

"go spurs". Jeff, you and lil' wayne should follow each other on tweeter.
R.I.P. SONICS 2008, indeed.

Anonymous said...

My name is Wes. I live in Tulsa and I am an okie hillbilly. I stopped reading your sad story after I saw you spell the word their wrong twice. You can not expect to be taken seriously with errors like that. Thunder Up!

Anonymous said...

Here is how your crappy article should read

Once upton a time I met the only two gays in Oklahoma and they watched a gay movie with me. We determined Oklahoma with all its employed people who have long peckers was not a good place to be. I couldnt cut it in farming, manufacturing or oil so I typed up bad things about where they take their doo doo's. Now them boys are about to win an NBA title and I sure am hot. I wish I would have been employed so i could have supported them sonic boys and the KD fella. They bamboozled us. I hope they aint got not titty bars in OKC so them boys will leave that town.

Anonymous said...

"I am an okie hillbilly."

Yes, yes you are. And you're also an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, you lying clown. ALL YOU DO is blame and disparage the good people of Oklahoma City.

I know this to be true, in spite of your opening sentence posted on a largely forgotten internet forum.

"No one on here blames "the Okies" for stealing the Sonics. The blame rests at the feet of Bennett and David Stern who ushered his friend through the process. Stern is the ultimate hypocrit: he ushered the Supes out of Seattle because he was throwing a tantrum Seattle wouldn't finance a $500 million dollar stadium after spending nearly $200 million to do exactly that, just 8 years prior. No city in the country would ever agree to do that. That's fiscal irresponsibility and common sense. Schultz is culpable as well, but the blood is at the feet of Stern and Bennett.

Remember - Stern did everything in his power to keep the Hornets in NO and prop them up, and did the same for Sacramento - even offering nearly $100 million towards rebuilding thier arena - but where was the same help and support for Seattle? He did the opposite to Seattle where he walked Bennett through the process himself. The Sonics had 41 years in Seattle, the Hornets and Kings don't have 40 years COMBINED in thier cities. It was a screw job and will always be a huge stain on Stern's legacy. It is unconscionable.


Damn Okies

"So, we do not blame "the Okies" for stealing the Sonics - we blame them for being ignorant to the facts and refusing to acknowledge that bennett and stern, in concert, thugged the team. We also blame the fans for claiming "Seattle didn't support the team." Seattle DID support the team and basic research proves that.

OKC fans Thieves? Nah. Ignorant? Yes - and they prove it every time they post the same low-rent arguments that anyone that has done even a second-grade caliber of research can refute with ease. Predictable and laughable and, in the end...sad. OKC has a tainted franchise - proven by the endless media coverage about Seattle and the fans getting screwed. If the general public didn't feel that way, it wouldn't be an issue - clearly it is - as proven by constant media coverage about exactly that. No other franchise move has ever garnered this much sympathy before. Figure it out or toil in ignorance - your choice.

Much love,

the mgmt


Anonymous said...

"I know this to be true, in spite of your opening sentence posted on a largely forgotten internet forum."

If it was a "largely forgotten internet forum" (in which you got his post from the ST one), then why are you still going there?

The Blunder are in the Finals and the Okie dopes are still coming to Seattle-based forums and blogs. At least it proves Jeff's theory right about the Okie trolls.

Anonymous said...

what's really telling is that no OKC fans counter anything the author has written on here.

Eh, education and good debate isn't for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I sold a bike once but I didn't get mad when the new owner took it home instead of keeping it at my house.

Anonymous said...

I welcome all the OKC trolls - but it would be much more enjoyable if they could contribute to the debate(s) instead of saying 'Seattle didn't supoprt the team." Everyone knows that's not true, and engaging with ignorance is just painful.

By the way - congrats to the Zombie Sonics fans - your team is doing great. It's always easy to root for a team in the finals - see how you feel when the owner intentionally tanks the team AND raises ticket prices. Then come talk to us. In the mean time - enjoy the playoff run - thee's nothing quite like it.

Anonymous said...

Get yourself educated on your topics before making a comment, so you can at least sound
smarter and credible? Oh by the way your
team is one game away from elimination from
the Heat. Enjoy the games that you have left
it's going to be a long HOT, MUGGY DUSTY NASTY summer in OKC. Did I tell you that your COACH rejected the extension offer from
your team?. I wonder who's next?. You have
a very talented team, but you know what you are not going to be able to sign all of them even
if your team wants to, oh yes I forgot that these
players are so loyal to your team that they are willing to take a pay cut SYKE!!!! At least you'll still have Kevin Durant for now, let's just
see how long that will last? You see Karma
can be BITCH.