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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Epic Finals? Not for Sonics Fans

It's a sad day to be a Super Sonics fan. This years NBA finals is an absolutely epic matchup and has all the makings of a classic series.
The young, hungry Zombie Sonics versus the veteran Heat. The team built around the quite Kevin Durant, the Sonics first-round pick and the face of humbleness, vs LeBron James who not-so-quietly 'took his talents to South Beach" and middle-fingered Cleveland in the process.

As a former Seattleite and permanent Sonics fan, this is an especially tough series. The promise of an instant classic, for which I cannot root for either team. I have no dog in this fight and it looks to be a classic fight. Both these teams are dripping with motivation and talent and it'll be wither Durant coyly raisint the trophy of LaBron finally getting the curse off his back. The winners in all of this will be the fans who will bear witness.

No outcome will be satisfying for us Seattleites. If the Zombies win it's that should be the Sonics celebrating and if the Heat win it'll be I can't root for the Heat. I can't pull for a team and a player that screwed over Cleveland - a place that is already the poster child for hard-luck sports fans. I know too many Clevelanders and I feel their pain: they were so close...just like Seattle should be.

There's no winning in this Finals for Sonics fans, sadly, but the rest of the country is about to be treated to one of the best match-ups in years. I imagine every Clevelander is pulling for a Zombie sweep - and they should. I certainly don't begrudge those that root for the Zombies; they have a great team and vocal fans (just like Seattle, which Charles Barkley called the toughest place to play in the NBA beause of it's notoriously rabid fanbase) and the Heat set themselves up to be perfect foil. They have the sunshine, the beaches, the all start roster and most of a county rooting against them.

As much as my interest in the NBA has waned, this is a Finals matchup that should make any apathetic fan sit up and cheer for someone. It makes it even worse for Sonics fans; we're forced to choose between what was wrongfully ripped away, or those clowns from South Beach, and that's really no choice at all. It's a shame, really.

Good luck to both teams, may the series be injury-free...although I would be fine if Clay Bennett pulled a groin.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Heat wilting under the pressure. A bunch of chumps who will never close out a series when it really counts. How soon until they start blaming each other?