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Friday, June 22, 2012

Heat Scorch Zombies, Crush Championship Run

In case you've been living under a rock - there's big news: LeBron James is finally hoisting an NBA championship trophy! The monkey is off his back. King James has justified himself and taking his talents to South Beach.

Even bigger news though, is that Seattle's most hated man, Clay Bennett, is NOT hoisting a trophy...and that brings a satisfying smile to my face. I'm not excited the Zombie Sonics lost, oh no, I am glad Bennett lost. I want him to savor the bitter taste of defeat for a long, long time time. The same bitter taste he left in Sonics fans mouths. It's called just desserts.

In what was to be an epic finals match-up, I was left with no one to root for, so I chose the lesser of the evils and wished a ring for LeBron. The thought of Bennett gaining satisfaction from his thugged too much to bear. As long as he is the owner, I am motivated to root against that team.

After reading this, I feel even better that Presti is tasting defeat. He built a solid nucleus but really screwed Seattle intentionally. I still cannot understand why Presti would want out of Seattle.

Here's the link to the article -

The greatest part about the Zombies championship run, for Seattle fans, is the media coverage of the loss of the Sonics and the shady way it went down has been played out across the country. With Sonicsgate airing nationally on CNBC fans across the country now understand the shady, deceitful way Bennett took the Sonics from Seattle. The 'Seattle didn't support the team' nonsense that was spouted by ignorant ilk has been proven to be utterly false, and the fans and media now know it. All of this pro-Seattle momentum is part of a wave that'll likely result in a Sonics team returning to Seattle soon. Thank Chris Hansen and the Sonicsgate guys for all their efforts.

The Zombies played well, but not well enough. They came up against a buzz-saw in The Heat, a team that knew they'd never be able to live with the fall out of another loss in the finals. This season was all about the ring, and now they can cross that task off their NBA bucket list. Ther Zombies were the sacrificial lambs....this time.

You could see it in game four; the Heat simply broke the Zombies will, making the game five blowout not so much a surprise, but a foregone conclusion. The Zombies hung around, but somehow you just knew this night was LeBron's night. That game face, that I-won't-be-denied will, that Jordon-esque desire.

Ironically, the Zombies lost four straight games - after the Sonics Rally took place in Seattle. Karma? Hmmmm....

Congratulations King James, today you are a champion and you've earned it, so savor it. As for Clay Bennett; enjoy the taste of defeat. You've earned that as well. Savor it.


Anonymous said...

Seattle didn't support the team.

Anonymous said...

"Seattle DID support the team."

Fixed it for ya, no need to thank me.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Seattle will get a team back, I am sure of it. As a Blazer fan I miss the I-5 rivalry. Now we have better hoops and better buds in Portlandia....time to step up, Seattle ;)

Anonymous said...

Man, this is the internet's funniest blog spot after HOMESTAR RUNNER. That guy is hilarious!

Jeff, have you considered doing a Q&A email segment ala Strong Bad's "sb-mails"?

You should try it. It couldn't be any less unoriginal than the rest of this vanity blog.

Peace and solace, 2013.