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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sonics Return Now Just a Formality: ZombieSonics Celebrate by Losing to Nuggets

It's basically over in Sacramento for the Kings. It's not the fan's fault but rather the result of a perfect storm. The Maloofs tainted the franchise and ran it into the ground and alienated the local fan base on the way down. It's sad, really.

This situation ran head-on into Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer, two Seattleites who want an NBA team back in Seattle, and have the means to make it a reality. Hansen has set up the arena deal; he and Ballmer have (over) paid for the Kings, just to ensure their sale.

They'll have the support of the NBA owners, Stern and the City of Seattle. Make no mistake, this deal is done. There are some details to be cleaned up, but it's over. Kevin Johnson's Hail Mary's are not aimed at keeping the team, they are a PR stunt from a Mayor who doesn't want the stink of the City's loss of a franchise on his watch...come election time. Any opponent will try and use that against him, as unfair as that may be. This is KJ understanding that and wringing every 'option' from the situation.

The ZombieSonics of OKC went out and celebrated this announcement on Saturday by losing in overtime to the woeful Denver Nuggets. CLearly Durant was distracted at the wonderful news and was daydreaming about his inevitable return to the Jet City and the franchise that drafted him - the Seattle SuperSonics. Yes, Kevin, Seattle will welcome you back with open arms.

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Anonymous said...

LOL - zombie sonics. sux for sactown.