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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kyle Weaver...Blunder!

Kyle Weaver is now a Blunder thanks to a daring trade with the Bobcats. Charlotte gets the Blunder's second round pick next season while Weaver gets to toil in anonymity. Weaver averaged 12.2 points a game for a slowed-down Wazzu attack and established himself as a strong defender and apt ball handler for a standout Cougar team.

Weaver just became the OKC spokesman for isolation, dust and cabin fever, having come out of Pullman, where that is a way of life. That knowledge will serve him well on the OKC Blunder as he eases his former Seattle teammates traumatic transition to desolation. It'll be a learning curve for him as well, so, will someone send him a book on tornados, STAT! Kyle, an F5 is a bad tornado, not an Air Force jet, FYI! Nothing to worry about. No, seriously...

What a bittersweet move for him - just missing out on playing in Washington, the state where he grew into a legitimate talent. Instead, he's going to OKC where that talent will be wasted playing in the Bored Center. What a shame.

When reached for comment, Weaver allegedly said "KFC has a basketball team? Really? Wait, the BlunderChickens? I'm not feeling so well." He then ran to an undisclosed location and hurled. Weaver was seen hurriedly filling out employment applications around the greater Charlotte area later that day.

I sincerely wish Weaver the be traded to another team! Hey now!

Go Weaver!

Go Blunder!

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