Best logo in the NBA

Best logo in the NBA

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Schultz Punks Seattle

It's official; I've had my last cup of Starbucks ever. Schultz, as expected, finally withdrew his lawsuit to rewind the sale to the OKC ilk. He spinelessly makes the announcement on the eve of Labor Day weekend where it'll get the least attention and the headlines will be gone by the time the holiday weekend is over. A calculated act of cowardry. Grrrr!

He walks away with a tidy profit while hanging Seattleites out to dry. I hope he feels great shame for what he's done. It's doubtful, though. He made his money on the deal and now his name is officially mud in Seattle. What a nightmare this has been.

The only way Schultz saves any face here is if he is aggressively engaged in luring the NBA back to Seattle for the deserving fans. It really roils my blood that he slips the announcement out on the eve of the long weekend in an effort to escape the wrath of the masses. It's like he shares the smoke-and-mirrors playbook with Clay Bennett.

Is it the end of the world for Seattle? Nah. Will the NBA ever return? Will Seattle even want it back after this disaster? IS the NBA even worth it? What now for Schultz? Can he ever save face in Seattle?

You'll find me at the local Coffee Bean pondering those questions over a cup of their finest.

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