Best logo in the NBA

Best logo in the NBA

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When do we get the name?

Seems to be taking the braintrust in OKC a while to reveal the name and colors of their franchise. After all the polls and obnoxious 'leaks' to gauge the reaction to potential monikers of Thunder, Wind, Energy, Bison, Marshals and Outlaws, maybe they're going with something completely different. They have acquired those naming rights for all the aforementioned names, both for the NBA team and their new D league franchise affiliate in Tulsa through the US Patent Office.

I imagine it comes down to either Barons or Thunder. Either one opens the team up to instant mockery; Barons will become "Robber Barons" as a reminder they took the team under very dubious circumstances. Thunder will become, well, just see the title to this blog for the answer to that. A few last place finishes and that'll be the running joke.

I have a few name ideas of my own. Some publishable, some not. I think it would be a very cool gig to create and brand a team's identity, the name, logo, colors, etc.

Of course, I'm partial to green and gold and SuperSonics rolls off the tongue nicely...

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