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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blunder Buck’d in OKC Debut

Amid pomp and circumstance OKC style, the NBA/OKCBlunder Experiment debuted with a resounding thud as the Blunder were thoroughly owned by the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night, 98-87. Milwaukee led by as much as 24 before the Blunder, surely motivated by the 100th playing of “Thunderstruck”, got it down to 11 to make the final score respectable.

A sellout crowd, including NBA King Crony David Stern and legend-in-his-own-mind Barry Switzer watched as Johan Petro missed the Blunder’s first official shot on his way to a 1-for-5 night, finishing strong with 2 points. Washington State alum Kyle Weaver led the lowlights with 1 assist in two minutes while soon-to-be ex Blunder Kevin Durant went scoreless in the first half en route to a 12-point performance.

Ironically, Earl Watson, the victim of an alleged racial incident at an OKC night club earlier in the week, scored the Blunder’s first basket. No word on if he was harassed after the game.

Michael Redd, Richard Jefferson and Charlie Villanueva each scored 20 points for Milwaukee who Buck'd up the Blunder debut in the NBA's 45th largest market. The team was previously in the 12th largest market in Seattle before the much-contested and ill-advised move to OKC. That move was propogated by the dismantling of the Sonic's talent base while in Seattle to make them the worst Sonics team ever, including their inaugaral 1967 season. A foolproof way to undermine fan support and a fundamental display of owner Clay Bennett's malevolence towards those fans who are a teams' primary revenue stream.

Surprisingly, the sold out Ford Center emptied early as the game wound down and the loss only a formality. Is this a sign of the future? Of a fan base that will grow weary of losing? That in a bad economic cycle, support of a bad team will erode? We will see.

With the team quickly solidifying its grip on last place, perhaps the team’s theme song should be changed to “Shot Down In Flames”.

OKCBlunder: 0-1

Next loss: Houston 11/1


Someone posted the link below in my comments section - I feel obligated to share it with everyone. It's hysterical...please enjoy;


Anonymous said...

Next loss: Nov. 1, at Houston.

Anonymous said...


Dan Angell said...

If there are sports curses, there should be one on this team. I'm thinking: OKC will never win a division or conference championship as long as Clay Bennett owns the team, AND will never win a title until either the Sonics return or Seattle gets an NHL team.

auroraave said...

I doubt this team lasts more than 5years in OKC. They will never drive enough revenue to make a profit or even break even. It's a novelty toy for the owners that will wear off quickly as the losses pile up, talent exits and the fans get tired of the circus. they've proven they have no big picture vision and it will come back to haunt them. Had they not completely decimated the team in Seattle (to enable the move) and force that bad product on a new fan base, they'd have a better chance. But you are right - this will be a cursed franchise that will likely move again and the circus will be someone else's problem. it's retarded and sad and it is the scenario that Bennett himself created.

MarkS said...

Apparently there is a curse,

Anonymous said...

that is the funniest thing I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Dude, hilarious. You gotta get yourself onto Page 2 or something. ESPN or CNNSI could benefit from your wit.