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Best logo in the NBA

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blunder Bumble in Billings Debut!

Billings, Montana. Big Sky Country. The sight of the first, of what will surely be many, OKC Blunders. The Blunder rallied from a one-point half time lead to lose convincingly in their NBA debut to the God-awful Minnesota Timberwolves Tuesday night, 88-82.

The Blunder, wearing their New York Knicks tribute uniforms, raced out to a 71-62 third quarter lead, only to watch helplessly as the T-wolves (the T is for talentless) overcome OKC's weak coaching, tepid enthusiasm and silly uniforms, for a very rare win. The Blunder, coming off of a 20-win season thanks to the total depletion of talent, stayed close with last year's 21-win T'Wolves, who showed OKC who's the boss.

Soon to be ex-OKCBlunder, Kevin Durant, had ten points and 7 rebounds for this Presti/Bennett-made disaster of a team.

OKC's next loss? Sacramento.

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