Best logo in the NBA

Best logo in the NBA

Friday, October 3, 2008


I reviewed the unveiling video again. It keeps making me chuckle. All the small town pomp and circumstance and the lightning flashing on the opening video. Lightning? I get that thunder comes after lightning, but can’t they create a thunder visual for the audience? I suppose if you close your eyes and concentrate on the sound, its genius. Maybe the Blunder is actively courting the sight-challenged audience, and kudos to them for that. Few will want to actually witness the disaster on the floor.

The announcing crew, one a former Seattleite and the other a “Pinto”, called the uniforms ‘classic’. Apparently, the logos colors are red for OU, orange for OSU, sky blue for the flag and yellow for the sun. Yet the uniforms are orange and blue. When I think of sun and sky I think of California or Arizona. When I think of thunder I visualize dark, stormy skies. It’s no biggie, I just find the colors to be fundamentally contradictory, like, say a ‘man possessed’. That walk of shame the players were forced to do, you could see the annoyance on their faces and in their body language.

In its newest negative impact on the NBA, OKC is now stealing Golden State’s thunder...literally. According to the AP, Golden State is rethinking their 12 year-old mascot, Thunder, after OKC announced their own Thunder moniker. "We're clearly going to do something to accommodate Oklahoma City and not have our mascot named Thunder," Warrior team President Robert Rowell said. "For the sake of not making things confusing, we're going to do something. We just have to figure out a good exit strategy." Another tacky move by the OKC/NBA Experiment.

OKC thugs a team, blatantly rips off other team’s uniforms and colors, borrow their logo from Doritos, ruin AC/DC and now, as the last great act of defiance, are weaseling in on Golden State’s mascot. Wow. Not a single original idea from these clowns. The OKC/NBA Experiment; Dumming it Down! Thank you, David Stern! May we have another?

Ok, I will finally admit it; the uniforms are definitely classic.
The Knicks and Nuggets have been wearing them for years!


Here's a link to the youtube video. Warning: watching may cause nausea.

This just added: Ray Ratto, from the San Francisco Chronicle, had some thoughts on the thugging of the Warriors mascot. Here are some excerpts:

The Warriors learned that, because of the staggering lack of originality displayed by the Oklahoma City franchise (formerly Seattle), they no longer can bring us the mute acrobatic stylings of Thunder.

The Oklahoma City people, who in selecting the nickname Thunder showed the same gift for imagination and creativity one finds in a copying machine.

And now - gone, someone else's property because Clay Bennett, the Oklahoma City owner, considers a grilled-cheese-on-white, iced-tea-with-Splenda for lunch to be out-of-the-box thinking.

But hey, one man's inability to seize opportunity is another man's lotto score.

The entire article is posted here:


Anonymous said...

And still...the Seattle losers can't seem to move on with their pathetic lives. Go drink some coffee and listen to Nirvana. Everything will be okay. Maybe if you are lucky enough to get an NBA team again, you won't be a bunch of cheapskates, and you'll build your team an arena they would be proud to play in.

Anonymous said...

Steal team? Check.
Steal uniform colors from Knicks and Nuggets? Check.
Steal Dorito for a logo? Check.
Steal mascot from Golden State. Check.
No one single original idea? Check.
Watching Kevin Durant leave? Check.
OKC Basketball...simply blunderful!