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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kobe Scores 40; Blunder Score 14th Loss!

In their first game back from a five game road swing, Kobe Bryant hung 40 on the Blunder in a sloppy 111 - 108 Laker victory. It was their 16th in 17 games. Six Lakers scored in double figures. No wonder they lead the NBA. The Zombie Sonics have never beaten the Lakers, ever, and have lost five of the last six games. No wonder their presence effectively reduces the value of the entire league. No one will even step up to offer sponsorship money to the Blunder arena. That's called supply and demand, folks. Supply = one team in the dustbowl; demand = zero.

With the loss, the Blunder maneuvered back into familiar waters: below .500. Not to worry, there's good news: Bennett leads the league in greediness, starting with the league's most expensive merchandise, led by their 'excellence' polo shirt. Let's examine the excellence, shall we? Sub .500 record, wretched uniforms, logo off a doritos bag, few sell-outs in thier first two seasons, downsized arena, arena deal expiring in 2014, fourth place. Hmmm. That's the opposite of excellent. They're the ANTI-excellent! Bennett's fat rolls spilling over his seat should complete the picture of epic failure and double as an appetite suppressant. Yay!

Let's enjoy some lowlights, kids...

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant had 30 points before fouling out with 91 second remaining. It was his first time fouling out in the NBA. He likely used the bench time to dream about leaving OKC and playing in a real market. Nick Collison had six fouls and one point in 12 minutes of 'playing' time. Durant led the team with six turnovers. The Lakers scored 24 second-chance points; the Blunder had six. More evidence the OKC/NBA experiment is failing. UCLA alum Russell Westbrook had 21 points, 13 assists and a technical foul when he threw the ball at the basket standard. It was later revealed it was a play designed by Clay Bennett.

Perhaps intimidation contributed to the loss. The LA crowd of 18,997 at Staples is far more than the Blunder are used to playing in front of, as OKC rarely sells out at home in Congressional Bailout Center. All those people and the indoor plumbing can be intimidating! Or it could've been the LA celebrity crowd; Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Diane Von Furstenburg, media titan Barry Diller, and figure skater Michelle Kwan were seen. OKC celeb crowds usually consist of Toby Keith's second cousin, Barry Switzers sweat sock and Garth Brooks' lanced boil. The presence of greatness like Kwan, likely threw their game off. Understandable.

Blunder: 13-14, Fourth place and falling, five losses in last six games.
Next Loss: Wednesday vs. Phoenix.
OKC tornado index: Imminent.

More Corndogs! More Losses! More Blunder!


Anonymous said...

lol! don't forget jed clampett at the games. And jethro!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard anything in a while.

Oh wait, it's because the THUNDER are on a 4 game WINNING STREAK!

Thanks again for not caring enough to keep the team in Seattle; the are obviously MUCH better off in OKC.

Go Thunder!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! This Jackass doesn't know what to say if it's not hyperbole about how awful it is in Oklahoma City. What a "civilized" attitude.

Anonymous said...

"Amen to that! This Jackass doesn't know what to say if it's not hyperbole about how awful it is in Oklahoma City. What a "civilized" attitude."

And yet, it's "civilized" to call someone a "jackass"!?

Thanks again for not caring enough to keep the team in Seattle; the are obviously MUCH better off in OKC."

Sigh...ignorance is bliss, huh? You guys have got to be the happiest people on the planet.

What's even sadder is that you Blunder fans keep coming back to a blog that bashes everything Blunder. You do realize you aren't being real fans by being here, right? Then again, you're trolls and they're not fans of any team, so it makes all sense.

And awesome job by the Blunder to beat up on some less-than-stellar teams. How'd that stretch go against the top teams recently? Sure, they beat the Suns, but any lousy or mediocre team can beat a good team on any given night (i.e. Clippers beating the Celtics recently).

Another thing before I end this, and that's it's kind of hard for a team to win when the owner deliberately destroys the team in order to drive down fan interest. Of course, it's also completely different when an owner actually pays to keep his team competitive, although it'll be hard for Bennett since he's still in one of the smallest markets in the NBA (despite what that Forbes article says, which isn't the real numbers BTW). But hey, keep reaching. Maybe you guys will show the same support for them when Durant and others bolt for greener pastures?

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW, OKC is still as irrelevant as it's ever been. Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

What are the real numbers then?

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone up there knows, the tears you will cry when OKC makes the playoffs this year will almost be as sweet as they where when a "backwoods redneck" bamboozled your entire city and took the former sonics to the promised land.

And thanks for keeping this site up; I'm looking foward to the excuses you guys will make for not posting anything new if the streak continues tonight.

Go Thunder!

Anonymous said...

"What are the real numbers then?"

Good question. Why don't you ask Bennett and see for yourself?

"And thanks for keeping this site up; I'm looking foward to the excuses you guys will make for not posting anything new if the streak continues tonight."

Well, it's always nice to see OKC trolls on a Sonics fan's blog. Whereas you could be actually supporting your team on a Blunder blog/forum but instead, you still choose to come here. Then again, you guys aren't real fans of the Blunder anyways, thus explains why you still come here.

And had Bennett "bamboozled" us, then the relocation process would've been a lot smoother than it actually was, right? Surely, he got the team to his hometown in the end, but it gave him more of a headache than he bargained for.

BTW, here's something that Bennett isn't looking forward to in the new year:

And here's another site to think about as well:

If you happen to scroll down to the very end, it says that the Blunder were on of five teams to drop out of the making $1 million per home game club. What's up with that!?

Anyways, I don't think anyone in Seattle wants anything to do with the NBA right now, especially if Stern is still in power and supports his broken business model, which is dragging the league down in even more financial turmoil. Just remember this, trolls, the NBA needs Seattle more than Seattle needs the NBA. And as for the Blunder, I say good for you guys. It's not like the Sonics never made the playoffs during their tenure here. Besides, Seattle are still part of leagues doing way better in terms of both popularity and financially. Can't really say the same about the NBA, especially with the above link I posted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up Jawa.

Aurora said...

The NBA has too many teams. Look for a couple to fold in the next two years and a couple to relocate. Thre is not a big enough demand - the league over expanded at the height of it's popularity, and now the repercussions are being felt as attendance and interest declines. Part of it is the economy, part of it is cyclical, but a big part of it is the game itself has just become irrelevent. To top it off, they have far too many playoff games. The league, under David Stern's short-sighted, money grabbing 'leadership' has simply grown in supply while declining in demand. Foolish vision. Like GM.