Best logo in the NBA

Best logo in the NBA

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Unlucky 13: Blunder Rocket to 13th Loss!

Clay Bennett's Blunder enjoyed the familiar stench of defeat on Saturday as they fell to Houston 95-90. The once-storied rivalry has become pathetically one-sided under Bennett's 'leadership' as Houston won it's 13th straight over the Zombie Sonics. Houston hasn't lost to the Thunder since April 4, 2006, when the team was based in Seattle.

Magically, it was also the 13th loss for the Blunder, who are well on their way to another season of mediocrity in the NBA's smallest and dustiest market. They do lead the league in tornado warnings, however.

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant had 13 points on 6 for 18 shooting and had zero foul shots. The road weary Rockets, playing their fourth game in five nights, and still without star center Yao Ming, were still no match for the Blunder. Durant has saved his lowest scoring games of the season for the Lone Star State, scoring only 12 against the Mavericks in a Wednesday loss and only 13 in the Rocket loss. Notice they were both losses. Get used to those, OKC.

And now, the lowlights! Nick "I miss Seattle" Collison had five fouls and four points in 18 minutes, Westbrook and Durant combined for a 10 for 32 shooting performance against the tired but still dominant Rockets. The Blunder also enjoyed a three-second violation.

The Blunder also enjoy the shortest arena lease in the league, set to expire in 2014. The escape clause is for less than 80% attendance. Not sure if it has to be paid attendance. Look for Durant to leave next season and the Blunder to relocate in 2014when the OKC Experiment proves to be a disaster. Also look for the Blunder to be asking for handouts from the NBA's welfare program as they are already operating in the red. Damn shame that is. You can still get a Blunder Excellence Polo on their website for $69 dollars. Nothing excellent about 13-13 or a $69 polo with a dorito on it.

Blunder: 13-13, 4th place and falling fast.
Next Loss: Tuesday vs. L.A. Clippers.
Tornado forecast: imminent

More Corndogs! More Losses! More Blunder!


Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL! too funny. does frito lay know they stole thier logo? bennett = douchebag.

Anonymous said...

JAWA said...

I checked the link Anonymous #2 provided. That's impressive, but it would've been more impressive if they had reached the milestone earlier. 27 sell-outs out of 55 home games won't cut it for Bennett, but I guess the fans in OKC don't want to help out their hometown hero, despite having its millionth fan walk through the turnstiles.

Anonymous said...

million fans is nice - but a million in paid attendance is what this franchise needs to be successful. Gotta make money. This is the local media planting a silly feel-good story/propoganda tool to give the locals the illusion of success. C'mon, so f*cking obvious.

Propping up the attendance figures with freebies and giveways, isn't paid attendance. Know the difference, fools.

"We'll be happy if we break even..."