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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baskin/Robbins: 31 Flavors, OKCBlunder: 31 Losses!

Another attempt to mimic pop-culture-by-the-numbers in OKC? The Blunder continue their quest into infamy as the three-legged Timberwolves mauled them on Wednesday night, 129-87. The Blunder are the first team in 2009 to reach the 31-loss plateau. The 42-point loss was also a personal high for Bennett's Blunder after relocating to OKC. Perhaps it will pursuade Bennet to rethink the 'excellence' label on the Blunder Polo shirt, or to lower the absurd $55 price tag.

Minnesota wom (yes, wom) it's fourth in a row as Randy Foye led six Timberwolves in double-digit scoring with 32 points. Rookie Kevin Love had 16 points and tied a career high with 15 rebounds as Minnesota improved to 10-25 on the season.

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant had nine points on a miserable 3-of-13 shooting. Joe Smith had zero points on 0-3 shooting and Earl Watson had three turnovers to lead the Blunder lowlights. Mediocre Russian center Nonads Krstac, acquired to take OKC to the promised land on a budget, made his Blunder debut with six points in 16 minutes. He has yet to make his debut in the Ford Congressional Bailout Center in OKC. The Blunder fell to 5-31 on the season, 0-1 in the Nonads era.

Blunder: 5-31, 19.5 games behind Denver.
Next Loss: Friday vs. Houston.

Memphis update - lost to the Nets 100-89 on Wednesday. OJ Mayo had 26 points and Rudy Gay added 23. Marc Gasol had 10 boards in the losing effort.
Grizz: 11-25, 13 games out of first.
Next game: Friday vs. Toronto.

New Orleans - lost to the Jazz, 116-90 on Wednesday. Chris Paul had 26 points and seven assists.
Hornets: 21-11, second place, one game behind San Antonio.
Next game - Friday vs. Clippers.


JAWA said...

I hate to correct you, but the actual score was 129-87. It's still a blowout loss (lost by 42 points!) any which way you look at it though!

It's great to see the Blunder going back to what they do best, and that's losing and losing big I might add.

Anonymous said...

what flavor ice cream would the blunder be? vanilla? something nutty? it would definitely have to suck and underperform...

John Doe 2 said...

Corn Dog/Mustard Ripple!