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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Witnessing the Blunder Live in LA

I witnessed the Blunder live or the first time Friday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles as they played the league's other laughingstock, the Clippers. An interesting experience to say the least.

Sitting next to Clipper celeb, Andy Richter, we watched the Blunder get out of the gate quickly. An athletic team that surged until midway thorugh the third quarter when the Clippers began to dominate. Have you ever seen "Clippers dominate" in print before? Well, there it is.

Clipper rookie Eric Gordon had a career hight 41 points as the Clippers improved to 3-0 lifetime against the Blunder with their 107-104 win on Friday night. Future ex Blunder Kevin Durant went off for a career-high 46 points and 15 rebounds. @4 points were from the free throw line. It was my first opportunity to witness him live and he was impressive. I did see him make a nice block and then throw up an air-ball, so he is human. Nonads and Nick were non-factors.

The Clipps were without, Zach Randolph (left knee), Baron Davis (bruised tailbone) Marcus Camby (left ankle), Chris Kaman (left arch) and Mike Taylor (broken right thumb). The Blunder were at full strength. The Blunder got out of the gate quickly and led at halftime. The Clipps finally overtook them in the third quarter and the Blunder played hard right to the very end, but fell short. A solid effort by the Blunder but a gutsy game by the injury-ravaged Clippers. OKC displayed some solid athleticism but not enough cohesion or size to keep up. While I did not see Clay Bennett there, I could not find a single corn dog in the house - you do the math.

I received several compliments and praise for the Seattle Supersonics shirt I was wearing and it led to a surprising number of conversations - all of them were pro Seattle. The fans that engaged me all said it was ridiculous Seattle didn't have a team and two guys actually had followed the story pretty closely, and they did not think the NBA in OKC was a likely long-term thing. I was in a box most of the game so I didn't mingle in the crowd, but I could hear fans mocking the Blunder name, relentlessly calling the Blunder franchise 'a joke'. When Clipper fans are calling you a joke - you know you are in trouble.

It is all true and nothing was initiated in any way by me.

Blunder, 9-35
Next loss: Monday vs New Jersey.


MarkS said...

Heard it said Chucky Atkins was sharing a big old bucket of popcorn with his team mates during the game. Guess that's another favorite Blunder snack to add to corndogs.

JAWA said...

Actually, they were already a joke before their first game. Heck, the second they relocated to OKC was when they became a joke.

More Popcorn! More Corn Dogs! More Losses! More Blunder! ; ]

Anonymous said...

Popcorn is too damn classy for OKC.

acompleteunknown said...

I think the frequent cheers of "Go Dodgers!" might have frightened the OKC players who did not comprehend why they didn't have their own MLB team.

Blunder/San Diego 2012!!