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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Heat Cash Reality Check; Blunder Streak Over!

There would be no streamers in OKC tonight, only corndog wrappers and the fetid stench of failure as the Blunder lost to Miami, 104-94 on Sunday. A 'sold-out' crowd watched the Blunder's amusing two-game winning streak, their longest since Clayton I. Bennett moved The former Super Sonics to the 45th largest market from the 12th, comes crashing to a halt. Perhaps the "I" stands for 'into another losing streak we go!'

The Miami Heat ended a grueling 12-day seven-game road trip with a win at Congressional Bailout Center as Dwyane Wade unleashed 32 points ten assists and three blocks as the short-handed Heat head home with a 22-18 record.

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant had 31 points in 46 minutes, another heavy-minutes night for him. Earl Watson had 2 points in 24 minutes, Nonads Krystac went 3-9, while Westbrook and Mason contributed four turnovers to lead the Blunder low-lights. Bennett pitched in with four corndogs and a mustard stain on his Blunder 'excellence' polo. He did not receive a discount on said polo.

Blunder; 8-34, 19.5 games back.
Next loss; Wednesday vs Golden State.

Memphis; dnp, (11-28, 15 games back) vs. Detroit Monday.

New Orleans dnp, (24-13, one game back) vs. Indiana Monday

New Jersey dnp, (19-22, 13.5 games back) vs. New Orleans Wednesday.

More Corndogs! More Losses! More Blunder!


JAWA said...

"Perhaps the "I" stands for 'into another losing streak we go!'"

I can think of another word that the "I" stands for, and that is "idiot" ; ]

Anonymous said...

Into corndogs