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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ohio State - Finding Ways to Blunder.

Another chance to shine for OSU, and another blunder. After last years thrashing at the hands of LSU in the Sugar Bowl, I was skeptical about Ohio State getting yet another BCS bowl invitation. A storied program gaining a rep as a team that can't win the big one. They arrived with a chance a redemption, and left falling 16 seconds short. Tressel cannot seem to get them over the hump.

A slow first half erupted into an improbable barn-burner in the final three minutes as Ohio State scored a td with 2:07 to play. As Ohio State prepared to celebrate the monkey officially off it's back, Colt McCoy cooly led the Longhorns 78 yards in 1:42, hitting Quan Cosby on a 26-yard strike for the 24-21 win.

Where does that leave Ohio State? Underachievers? Over-rated? As expected? They held a supposedly potent Texas attack to 24 points, so they deserve some credit, but are they really BCS-Bowl-worthy? They lost the last two BCS Championship games in blowouts, yet won their previous three bowl (two of them Fiesta Bowls)games, so it's an interesting situation. They lose this year in the last second. How long do they get to ride the coattails of their past glory into BCS Games? They never seem to come up big when it counts. Ok, they did win it all in 2002, but Tony Dungy gets ridiculed for only winning one Super Bowl. Tressell's teams just seem to come up short in the big games. I guess in Columbus, 7-1 vs Michigan is called 'job security.'

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