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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blunder Dissed, Dismissed, Clinch 46th...

...46th defeat of the season that is. Hey now! OKC strolled into the Big Easy and were 'Big Easily' dismissed by the Hornets, 108-90, who won their seventh straight, something the OKC Blunder have never done. Nor have they ever beaten the Hornets, who swept the season series, 4-0. That familiar stench of defeat swirled around OKC again as their team-record three-game wimming streak came to an end.

Future ex-Blunder Kevin did not play again due to his ankle injury. Rumors swirl he is worried about 'failing a physical', (ala Tyson Candler) and is resting up for when he eventually departs to LA or NY...or maybe even Chicago. Malik Rose shot 2-9 for four points and added five fouls in 31 minutes; Earl Watson had five turnovers and was 0-4 on three-point shooting while the Blunder, as a team, gave up 54 points in the paint. Tyson Chandler, in the middle, likely could have prevented some of those points, in spite of his 'failed physical'. He was healthy enough to have 12 points and eight rebounds against the mighty Blunder.

Chris Paul led six Hornets in double-figure scoring with 21 points and 13 assists, passing Byron Scott on the teams all-time assist list.

MAXIM hands out another Blunder dissing in March 2009 issue! On page 44 of "Sports", in a brief blurb about shuffling teams to help the league;
"Why not send teams to more deserving cities? No we're not talking about the Sonics moving to Oklahoma City; that was just messed up."

That's twice the Blunder have been given a Maxim beat-down.

Blunder: 16-46, last place, 23 games out of first.
Next Loss: Philadelphia on Sunday.

More Corndogs, More Losses, More Blunder!


Anonymous said...

We're goin in to Hijack city.
The team that shall not be named
Has been shamed in Hijack city

- Gene Hunt

Anonymous said...

I just renewed my MAXIM subscription just because they harsh on the Blunder. That is outstanding!

JAWA said...

I used to have a subscription to MAXIM. Perhaps it's time for me to get back to it! But I think for now, I'll just purchase the March issue ; ]

Anonymous said...

The Blunder have just renewed their subscription as well...oh, wait, that's to 'MAXIMUM Losses', aka the OKC Lifestyle Magazine. My bad! Roll Blunder!

Veritas said...

Funny, I see the date on this column is Sunday, March 8th.

(looks at ESPN...)

...I must be confused, because the Thunder WON last night, beating the tar off the playoff-bound 76'ers

....without KD and JG.

In fact, they just won 4 out of 5 games, a feat I would be shocked if they matched last season in that pathetic arena with half the fan attendance.

Yet, all you children can do is piss and moan about the 1 game they lost while blindly ignoring the glaring fact that it is the ONLY LOSS OF THE LAST 5 GAMES.

I guess I should thank you guys; now I have something tangible to show all the people in OKC when someone doesn't believe that Seattle residents could be this hopelessly pathetic.

I honestly can't wait until 2011 when the Thunder make the playoffs. Just to see how you spin something as overwhelmingly positive as that will be absolutely awesome to see.

Until then, I'll just have to settle for the never-ending amount of schadenfreude you and your ilk provide me, auroraave.

JAWA said...

Wow, Veritas. The Blunder wom at home. It's proven they're a good team at home, but what about on the road!? Oh yes, 4 and 28. Ouch, that's gotta hurt. The Blunder beat the Sixers and they think they're going to the playoffs or something (going to the playoffs in 2011!?). Now THAT'S pathetic, but I wouldn't expect nothing less from you.

Actually, we should be thanking YOU, Veritas, for showing us just how foolish and ridiculous a typical OKC troll can be. Keep it up, sport, you're providing us with some great laughs! Why you keep coming here is beyond me, but if you don't mind us laughing at you (just as the entire sports world is laughing at OKC), then I guess there's no stopping you. Oh well, whatever floats your boat.

Anonymous said...

Come and listen to a story about a man named Clay
Wife’s folks owned the OKC news rag,
Then one day he was shootin’ off his mouth,
Bought a team in Seattle and he planned to move them South.
Sonics that is, OKCBlunder...
Well the first thing you know ol' Clay’s got a losin’ team,
Purged all the talent, loyal fans he did indeed reem.
Thought Oklahoma is the place I want to be
So he left a top market for the dust of OKC.
Tornado Alley, that is.
Swimmin’ holes, corn dog stands.

Veritas said...

Last night's win makes it 5 of 6, fellas.

3 more wins and they beat last year's record, which no one thought they would do.

Future looks bright for these guys; too bad you all are too busy wallowing in your unadulterated hate for all things Thunder that you can't show respect for your old team's accomplishments.

JAWA said...

Wow, 5 out of the last 6 games. Impressive, Veritas. Now care to look back at the rest of the games they've won?

I didn't think you'd gloat about a "wim" over a team such as Sacramento (which BTW, with last night's loss, has a better chance of drafting Oklahoma's very own Blake Griffin), since "wims" are still a rare commodity for your precious Blunder, I digress.

BTW, the Blunder aren't looking so hot against Denver, aren't they!? They surely can be the weak teams, but against the best!? No way in hell.

JAWA said...

Now make it 5 out of 7 as the Blunder lose YET AGAIN, 112-99 to the Denver Nuggets. With that loss, the Blunder have now lost 47 out of the 65 games they've play so far, with a winning percentage of .277. But what else would you expect from a Bennett-owned team!?

(Sorry to get ahead of you, auroraave!)