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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Suns Set On Blunder, Sweep Season Series

Leandro Barbosa's 22 points in 21 minutes led Phoenix to a 106-95 win, pulling them within five games of Dallas for the last playoff spot as they swept the season series with the Blunder, 4-0. Dallas owner Mark Cuban was one of the NBA owners who voted against Bennett moving the Sonics to OKC.

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant, back from an ankle sprain, led OKC with 22 points in 39 minutes as the Blunder bumbled from 13 points ahead to notch loss #48. Nick Collison had four meager points in 22 minutes and fouled out, Jeff Green had eight turnovers and Malik Rose had zero points and three fouls in six minutes to lead the Blunder low lights.

Blunder: 18-48, Last place
Next Loss: Monday vs. San Antonio.


Veritas said...

Nice rant, auroraave, but in the last line, you spelled win wrong.

It's W-I-N, as in: although the Thunder got down by 17 in the first and 13 in the 3rd quarter against the 2nd best team in the Western Conference, their tenacious defense and amazing resolve allowed them to count this game as W-I-N number 19.

No need to thank me; I'm looking out for YOU, auroraave.

JAWA said...

No, Veritas, he got it right the first time, so he won't be thanking you. But an even bigger question is who's looking out for YOU!?

Geez, the Blunder beat the Spurs and the OKC troll brigade think they've won the championship or something, despite getting their 19th "wim" of the season. Uh, genius!? You do realize that if you've just won your 19th game of the year during this time of the season, it means that your team really stinks. The season is almost over and you're getting all excited over winning game #19. auroraave was right when he says the bar has been lowered in OKC. Surely, the Blunder will have a better record than last year, but not by much. It also doesn't change the fact that the Blunder are just two losses away from that magical 5-0 mark, and with remaining games against the likes of the Lakers and Celtics, it's just a matter of time till the Blunder reach 50 losses. And that's not good for any team, but for you guys in OKC, I guess it's OK(C)!

Ok, I better stop since I'm starting to feel my brain shrink to your size, which isn't good. BTW, if you're going to keep posting your drivel on auroraave's blog and, go ahead, for I'll be there to stand up to your ignorance and stupidity. I'm not backing down, especially to a feeble-minded, ignorant, hypocritical, foolish troll such as yourself.

auroraave said...

Beating the Spurs is indeed a big wim for the Blunder - no question. Perhaps their youthful legs are an advantage late in the season. If you follow he ST forum you would be well aware of the story behind "wim". I appreciate you looking out for me, Doritos. And as always, it's always good to here from you JAWA.


More Corndogs, More Losses, More Blunder!

Veritas said...

Excuse me if I don't address all of your comment, JAWA, but I fell asleep somewhere after your pathetic spelling correction. If that's all you've got to counter me, then you really make my job too easy, sport.

What I will say is that you do have one thing right: if the Thunder play the Bulls like they played the Spurs, the magical 5-0 will be their home record over the last 5 games.

Again, I find it hilarious that the same people who gave OKC an iceball's chance in hell of winning 10 games are now acting like winning 20 is no big deal.

But I guess I would be projecting too if I was nervous that the team who left my city in shambles was about to surpass last year's win record with more than 10 games left to play.

I guess the only thing left to wonder is how you'll put a negative spin on the Thunder going foward, because it's evident to pretty much everyone else that, from attendance numbers, arena quality, ownership intelligence, and soon, win-loss ratio, that The Oklahoma City Thunder have done nothing but improved since the move.

As always, I await yet another attempt by you to confuse facts with personal feelings, JAWA.

By the way, what is "he ST forum", auroraave? I googled it nothing came up. Also, who is "Dorito"? I haven't seen anyone by that name posting here, and I know you can't be that pathetic that you would count misrepresenting my name in such a childish manner as a putdown

...can you?

JAWA said...

Just more blah blah blah by Veritas, who for some unknown reason, keeps coming back to these blogs started by Sonics' fans. And he calls me "creepy" for following him to The Biased One's blog. Oh well, if he wants to keep on making a fool out of himself, then he might as well since all hope is lost on him.

Not only is he a pest, but he's clearly drinking the Kool-Aid being fed to him by Bennett and the Jokelahoman. Arena quality!? If that were true, then why is it going to be renovated? Ownership intelligence!? Funniest thing to ever come out of your mouth, Veritas! Bennett and his ownership group have got to be the dumbest in all of sports. You say he "outsmarted" us here in Seattle, but if that were true, he wouldn't have shot his big fat mouth via email to his buddies, right!? BTW, the national perception on Bennett isn't a good one, especially in part to those emails of his. Simply put, the majority of the sports world is on Seattle's side, not Bennett's, and that's why most NBA players hopes a new team comes back here. No doubt OKC is a good NBA city as well, but it's Bennett that's going to keep OKC from getting the respect they think they deserve. Bennett may have succeeded in getting the team to OKC, but in the process his reputation took a big hit and it's no wonder he's perceived as one of the worst owners in all of sports. That's definitely going to hamper the Blunder's chances (although they're already slim to begin) with in obtaining some of the top free agents out there. And of course, OKC is a very small market but that issue has been exhausted and then some. Not only must OKC compete with bigger markets for those free agents, but they'll also have to compete with European teams as well, which can offer a lot more money than the teams here. Face it, Veritas, your precious Blunder may be improving little by little, but they'll always be a mediocre team at best, especially since Durant and others will leave the first chance they get for greener pastures. And NO, Durant is not going to take a pay cut to stay in OKC. I still can't get over that you said that!

And as always, keep up the great work, auroraave! I'll always have your back, and I'm sure the other Seattle posters share the same sentiments. The Blunder will reach 50 (and more) losses soon, just gotta be patient!

Veritas said...


Tell you what; you show me where I specifically said KD would take a paycut to stay in OKC, and I will concede whatever ridiculous point you ask me to.

I'll be waiting.

Also, close game last night; Derrick Rose was amazing, and pretty much sealed up Rookie of the Year honors (although Westbrook gave him a bit of a run as of late). I guess friday we'll get to see if we tie the Sonic's win record, or come 1 game closer to 62, the number of LOSSES the Supersonics had last year.

Either way, it should be a good game.

JAWA said...

Wait no more, Veritas. This came directly from you. Read it and weep:

"As for KD and JG leaving, I understand in your childish mind you and the site owner here only want to see harm befall the former Supersonics, but common sense dictates that neither player are going to leave a team with the Thunder's potential and take a HUGE paycut because OKC doesn't have a beach or 500 night clubs."

There it is in black and white, sport. Trying to deny something you said, eh!? You must've realized that it was such a ridiculous comment and thus, decided to backtrack on it. Y'know, it might help if you quit talking out of your rear, but knowing you, I highly doubt you'll stop. Oh well, if you don't mind making a complete fool out of yourself, then I guess there's no stopping you. At least you're providing me (as well as auroraave and others) some great comic relief!

Just one loss away till the Blunder reach that magical number of 50! That should be a familiar number for Bennett, as his team have always lost 50 or more games ever since he bought the team in 2006. Not only is he good at losing games, but he's also equally good at losing money as well. Oh well, once a loser, always a loser!