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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Countdown To 50: Mile High Blunder Bumble!

Bennett's Blunder inched closer to the coveted 50-loss milestone as Denver handed OKC a mile-high beat-down on Wednesday, 112-99. Renaldo Balkman (yes, THE Renaldo Balkman) enjoyed a career night with 14 points and 14 rebounds to lead Denver. Carmelo Anthony enjoyed 22 points. George Karl enjoyed a big gulp and a pizza.

The Blunder played without injured star Kevin Durant, something they better get used to. The face of the franchise is expected to bolt for greener pastures, literally, when his contract expires. OKC is not likely to be able to offer the max contract necessary to retain his services. Oh, but the Lakers and Knicks will.

Damien Wilkins was 0-2 for zero points in 11 minutes, Wazzu-alum Kyle Weaver enjoyed four turnovers, Malik Rose kicked in with four fouls and Thabo Sefalosha was 3-12 from the field to lead the Blunder low-lights. Chucky Atkins, Desmond Mason and Nick Collison did not one noticed.

Blunder: 18-47, last place, 23 games out of first.
Losses to clinch 50: Three
Next loss: Thursday vs. Orlando

Blunder Ironic Factoid:
Blunder "Excellence Polo" on team website: $55. Team record: 18-47, last place.
Los Angeles Laker classic polo: $45. Team record 51-13, first place.
Once again, Bennett gives you less for your money!

Amusing stat from OKCBlunders' CBSsportsline Page:
Oklahoma City Thunder Groups
Oklahoma City Thunder Fantatics
Members: 57
Last Post: 6 days ago

More corndogs! More Losses! More Blunder! More Bumble!


Anonymous said...

OMG - this is hilarious! I clicked on here from ihateclay - this is brilliant! how much are the blunder not-so-excellent polos? They should sell blunder tents...guaranteed to leak when it rains. lol

JAWA said...

You forgot to mention the stat on how many corn dogs Fat Boy Bennett consumed, auroraave! : P

Veritas said...

How many games did the Thunder win last year in Seattle, auroraave?

Let me help you out, in case you're too caught up in your childish hate circle-jerk to google it.

20. They won 20 games last year, and went 20-62.

They've won 18 so far this year.

But I guess I can't blame you for celebrating another Thunder loss, seeing as how it would significantly destroy any plausible arguement you have if they win more games this year than they did in that hellhole they were in last year.

So, keep bringing the laughs, kids; I can't wait to see what you'll post when we break the 20 win mark and prove that it is possible to take a good team out of a horrible situation and show improvement immediately.

And you guys, least you got a soccer team now. Good luck with that.

(and nice fat joke JAWA; nothing says i'm an ignorant douchebag like making a fat joke about a man who single-handedly outsmarted your entire city.)

JAWA said...

Awww, poor baby. Did I make an insensitive attack on your hometown hero? Heaven forbid anybody should say something negative about Clayton "Idiot" Bennett!

And I guess it was just a matter of time till someone brought up the difference in records between this year and last year. News flash, genius, we're not surprised that the team would have a somewhat better record than the year before. It's called getting better, which I'm sure you and your OKC troll buddies are enjoying, but they're still nowhere close to being playoff contenders. Pretty soon, we're going to start seeing these poor OKC saps predicting a championship in a couple of years...oh wait, we already have.

You know as they say, Veritas, and it takes one to know one, and in this case, you called me an "ignorant douche bag". Even more hypocrisy on your part, but what else would I expect from an OKC troll such as yourself? And I still don't understand why you keep coming to a SONIC FAN'S blog when all the posts here are clearly anti-Thunder. Then I realize I'm dealing with an OKC troll and then it all makes sense, for you and your troll buddies aren't exactly the smartest tools in the shed. I still can't get over that "Durant will take a pay cut to stay in OKC" bit you came up with. Now that's rich!

You know as they say, and that's "ignorance is bliss", and in the words from another Seattle poster, you guys in OKC have got to be the happiest people on the planet.

One last thing because I'm starting to feel my IQ level slip down to your level, but Fat Boy Bennett (oops, there's another attack on Bennett! What are you going to do about it!?) didn't outsmart anybody, thanks in large part to those emails. Yeah, he may have succeeded in getting the team to OKC, but he paid a huge price in doing so, both figuratively in literally.

Veritas said...

Man, you guys missed one hell of a game! OKC was down 17 in the 1st and 13 in the 3rd to the 2nd best team in the West, and found a way to win number 19: 78-76 in what was unquestionably their best win this year.

But I'm sure auroraave will blog about the spectacular defense the Thunder played, or the way that KD came through in the clutch.


Seriously though, what a great win for the Thunder. Even JAWA misrepresenting my arguments with his kindergarten level tirade can't bring down the awesome feeling of seeing my team overcome such adversity to come out on top.

And stay classy, JAWA; everyone who's anyone knows it takes a REAL man to act tough on an anonymous weblog. I honestly hope you aren't as pathetic in reality as you seem in cyberspace, but I have a sinking feeling that you are.

JAWA said...

Just as expected, here comes Veritas bragging about the Blunder's "wim" over the Spurs. Impressive, that I admit. Perhaps there is hope for the Blunder...ah, never mind. Just one of those times where a lousy team upsets a playoff-bound team. It happens from time to time. Hell, the Sonics last year had their share of upsets.

Still bringing the hypocrisy, aren't ya, Veritas!? Funny that you're telling me to stay classy, and yet, you're doing the complete opposite. Then again, just typical OKC troll behavior, especially when it comes to hypocrisy. BTW, you know it takes an even more pathetic person/loser to talk trash on a different city's forum, let alone do that on a SONIC FAN'S blog, right!? And you call yourself a "real man". Hilarious so to speak.

At least you wish us luck with the new MLS team, thanks! Unlike your precious Blunder, they have a shot at the playoffs. We'll also enjoy the M's and Seahawks when they're in play. Those two teams are a part of leagues that are doing WAY better than the NBA. As auroraave has said, perhaps Seattle got it right in letting the NBA go. The NBA is a sinking ship and Seattle got out just as it was taking on more water. As long as Stern is still commissioner and supports this broken economic model of his, then the NBA will sink on even further. Not only that, but there's the threat of a lockout in a couple of years, and that could be disastrous for the NBA. Since the NBA's popularity is waning and ratings are still down, they better do something to avoid that, but something tells me it's inevitable. Oh well, "Boo hoo" to that!