Best logo in the NBA

Best logo in the NBA

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Top 10 OKC/Bennett Blunders This Season (So Far)

As the Blunder reach the 50-loss milestone, let's take a look at some of the top OKC Blunders of the season. Yes, the Blunder will eclipse the win totals of last season's decimated-to-move-it-to-OKC Sonic's franchise, but it has been a season filled with bumbling moves. Let's take a look;

10. Losing 50th game of the year to the Utah Jazz! I find myself loving the Jazz this season, something UNTHINKABLE when they Sonics were in Seattle.
9. Getting thoroughly embarrassed in their only nationally televised game (vs. the Hornets, ironically) which prompted the firing of hired-fall-guy PJ Carlisimo, cementing the teams status as a laughingstock for the rest of the season.
8. 14-game losing streak. Ouch!
7. Scott Brooks as interim coach for 70 games? What's the problem here? Give him the green light already. You ain't luring Phil Jackson to the Dustbowl.
6. Botching the Tyson Chandler trade. A perfect compliment to the young Blunder team and giving up next to nothing for him...and then rescinding the trade because of an alleged 'failed health exam'. Please. This felt like buyer's remorse from a bankrupt ownership afraid to take on his contract. Chandler has played great since coming off his injury. He's a consistant, athletic, nine-points/eight-boards a game performer.
5. Bumbling mascot choice. Unable to learn their lesson from #2, they name their mascot Rumble, a mascot which looks eerily similar to the Seattle Sonics Squatch, and ensuring it's nickname would be "Bumble".
4. Silly CBA uniforms that were completely unoriginal, minimizing the national merchandising revenue potential.
3. Revealing a lame, uninspiring Doritos logo that was immediately panned by the majority. It minimized the national merchandising potential of the team.
2. Naming the team "Thunder", which everyone immediately called "Blunder". You really couldn't see that one coming, Clay? Seriously?


More corndogs! More losses! More Blunder!


MarkS said...

Personally I think their mascot looks like Satan

JAWA said...

Awesome list, auroraave!

auroraave said...

they f'd up that chandler trade. he definitely could have been an awesome pick-up. Something OKC needs more of; Picks-Ups!

More corndogs, more losses, more pick-ups!

Anonymous said...

funny list. pretty darn accurate, too. anyone think this team will be leaving OKC in the near future? It's not the mascot that looks like satan - your thinking of clay benett. the mascot looks just like that old sonics mascot. lame and lamer!

Anonymous said...

does that mean those are bumbleweeds blowing across the highway? Even they can't find the basket!

Veritas said...

How's the storm doing, fellas?

Oh, I hear you got yourselves an MLS team! SWEET!

Keep the hate coming; this site is a constant source of laughter to myself and all other OKC fans.

JAWA said...

"How's the storm doing, fellas?"

Doing a whole lot better than your precious Blunder, Veritas. At least they have a chance to make the playoffs.

"Oh, I hear you got yourselves an MLS team! SWEET!"

Sweet indeed! They're doing quite well, not to mention they won last night. Y'know, something that the Blunder didn't have much of in their first season in OKC.

"Keep the hate coming; this site is a constant source of laughter to myself and all other OKC fans."

Actually, YOU and your OKC troll buddies/fans are the ones providing us with the laughs, just like the Blunder was providing laughs to the NBA and the rest of the sports world.