Best logo in the NBA

Best logo in the NBA

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


1. Jim Brown's #.
2. London's international dialing code.
3. Cool indie rock band.
4. Sarah Palin's Alaska is the 44th state.
5. Ruthenium - 44th element. Not sure who Ruth was, though...
6. Cav's Mo Williams career-high in points, scored against Phoenix on 2/11/09
7. Jack Sikma's jersey number...actually it was 43.
8. 1965 (44 years ago) the US sent troops to Viet Nam. 44 years later the NBA sent the Seattle Supersonics to OKC. Critics debate which is a bigger "Blunder".
9. Supersonic win total in 2001.
10. Blunder loss totals (so far this year!)

More Losses! More Corndogs! More Blunder! More Bumble!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of NBA teams, how's the Storm doing this season?

Wait....never mind.

But by all means, I hope your anger at us backwoods folk goin' to the big city and trickin' you city fellars outta your team keeps you warm at night.

Because it will be a cold day in hell before you see an NBA game in Seattle again, compadre.

JAWA said...

And it'll be a cold day in hell before the Blunder actually has a winning season, let alone make the playoffs, compadre.

auroraave said...

I don't think the Storm are an NBA team...of course a Blunder fan shouldn't be expected to be able to tell the difference between the two leagues.

More corndogs! More Losses! More Blunder! And now MORE BUMBLE! You stay classy OKC!

Veritas said...

No problem, Autoraave; I'll be sure to take advice from a guy on class who runs a site dedicated to the childish bashing of all things Thunder, just as soon as you pathetic idiots get another NBA team.

Funny how a year ago, you and your ilk were predicting the second coming with KD and JG, but now, since your bumbling ownership got bested by OKC businessmen, that same team is now never going to have a winning season. I would laugh at the irony if it wasn't so pathetically ridiculous.

Seriously though, you guys should come to a game. Or better yet, send that pathetic fatass bum big Mo down; he looks like he could eat a corndog or 500.

JAWA said... appears that reading comprehension isn't one of Veritas' strengths, but being a complete idiot is one. Oh well, his loss...

At least he's right when he says the Blunder won't have a winning season. Small market, inept ownership, bad TV ratings and merchandise sales...there's no way they're going to be in the running for the top free agents out there. Hell, they're going to have enough trouble re-signing Durant and Co. as it is.

Keep on spewing that anti-Seattle trash, Veritas. You know it takes an even bigger, more pathetic loser to post that type of garbage on a Seattle fan's blog, do you?

Veritas said...

Funny how you seem to be the top poster on a site dedicated to trashing the OKC Thunder, its ownership, and the people of OKC in general, and yet I'm the loser.

And BTW, this isn't a Sonic fans site; this is a bunch of whiny crybabies venting their childish frustration by hurling insults at everyone they can think of. It reminds me of what my daughter acts like when she doesn't get what she wants.

And she's 3.

So while I understand your immature need to cry like a little you know what to anyone who will listen, you could at least make it a little harder for me to prove you are a hypocrite, JAWA.

JAWA said...

Ouch, Veritas, that hurt me deeply (in case you can't tell, in which you probably can't, I'm being sarcastic).

So let me get this straight. You have a problem with a Sonic fan's blog that trashes your precious Blunder and thus, have to resort to using insults yourself. What's that word again that best describes you and your OKC troll buddies!? Oh yes, a HYPOCRITE. And you're a father. My goodness...

If this site bothers you this much, why do you come here? No one forced you to read what auroraave writes. And if you hadn't noticed from all the Sonics' symbols on this blog, then you must be dumber than I originally thought. Not a Sonics fan's blog!? Pure genius. Can't seem to put two and two together yet, have ya? Probably explains why you're here on an ANTI-OKC THUNDER blog.

BTW, I love how you avoided the fact that your precious Blunder don't have a snowball's chance in hell in signing the top free agents, let alone re-signing Durant and others. Just goes to show that you agree with our assessments since you'd rather pick a fight with some fans from Seattle than discuss the issue at hand. Then again, since you're a troll of the OKC variety, you'd rather agitate and gloat about the fact that OKC has a team and Seattle doesn't since you don't have the ability to engage in a civil discussion. And you're the on calling me "immature". Hilarious...