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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Spectacular Blunders and One Bizarre Backtrack

Talk about Bizarre!

The Hornets experienced a thrilling victory and a crushing defeat on Tuesday in the OKC. Chris Paul's lay-up with 2.7 seconds left lifted New Orleans over the Blunder, 100-98. The Hornets picked up the win despite future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant's career-high 47 points. Russell Westbrook had five fouls and Earl Watson went 0-6 for zero points to lead the Blunder low-lights. David West went off for 37 points and 13 boards to lead New Orleans. However, the Hornet win despite Durant's career high is not the interesting part of story. That took place off the court.

The Hornets performed their own blunder by trading Tyson Chandler to OKC in exchange for 500 pounds of dead weight known as Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox. A spectacular blunder for the Hornets who lost a valuable 26 year-old inside presence in a suspected effort to dump salary. New Orleans just waved the white flag, conceding any legitimate shot at future franchise stability, or a deep playoff run this year. Is this the dismantling of the upstart, small-market Hornets? The cycle continues to perpetuate a serious problem with sports; smaller market teams eliminated from contention OFF the court, by dumping contracts to stay above water in the financial column, rather than the win column. This must be a painful reminder to all Hornets fans of the state of the game.

Then Sam Presti announced that Tyson Chandler failed his physical, sending him back to New Orleans to a hero's welcome! What gives? Is Chandler's 'sprained ankle' far more serious? Career threatening? Doesn't seem likely. Losing Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox is no big deal, so that cannot be it. Can OKC afford Chandler? Maybe that is the problem. We know the owners are struggling, and unless Presti has some big deal brewing or has revealed Tyson to be permanently damaged goods, this is just bizarre. If New Orleans cannot afford him, how can OKC? Did someone (I'm talking to you Clay and Aubrey!) get cold feet about acquiring a hefty contract? Can bankrupt owners add payroll? Pretty peculiar.

Then things returned to normal: The NBA welcomes the Blunder Bumble Bison!

In keeping with tradition, the Blunder unveiled their new mascot; a bison named Rumble that has nothing to do with Thunder. That's called "OKC sense". It will immediately be called Bumble to compliment the Blunder, who continue their trend of low-rent and bizarre mascot/uniform/team name decisions. Lower that bar, Clay!

More Corndogs! More Losses! More Blunder! More BUMBLE!

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JAWA said...

Great post, auroraave! Just goes to show that small markets virtually have NO CHANCE IN HELL in signing the top free agents out there.