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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blunder Mid Season Report Card - Seattle Chases Bennett's $30 Million?

Record: 13-40; 23 games out of first. Second worst record in the league. Grade: D

Key Players: Durant is carrying the team nightly with his 25.5 average. He needs to add some bulk, improve his defense and shooting percentage, all things which will come with time. Grade: B+. Westbrook (15ppg) and Green (16.7ppg, 4.9apg) also deserve B grades. They will likely only get better but this team needs to get into the paint - too much perimeter shooting. Rest of team: C.

Coaching: Brooks has gotten this team off the ground since the embarrassment of the first few weeks. He's getting better effort and improving their confidence - for a young team that may be the most important thing. Why he has an 'interim' tag is another front office blunder. Grade: C+.

Front office:
This team will likely be cash-strapped for years to come and Presti will be under pressure to find cheap talent to keep them competitive. Adding Nonads Krystac was a low risk move. Drafting youth before they can demand high dollars keeps the payroll low. Trading them as they reach peak value (knowing they cannot compete financially with other teams) will keep this in draft picks - but it's an endless cycle. Mining the European leagues for diamonds in the rough will be taxing, though necessary. Expect the Blunder to make a trade for a veteran presence on the downside of his career. Why is Brooks an 'interim'? Bizarre. Overall Grade: C.

Ownership group: When McLendon is selling off his wine collection to pay the bills, your economic future looks bleak. Logically, this should mean the team will have even less money to spend...if that is possible. Between McLendon's staggering losses and Bennett's piss-poor reputation, these guys will be lucky to be in business much longer. If any of this group looks to sell their interest, there will be trouble in this economic landscape. Grade: F.

Corndogs: Corndog prices (CRDG) have soared on the NYSE thanks to the OKC/Bennett influence. Shares have gone from .60 cents to $12.20, due mostly to speculation of a future shortfall of supplies. Industry insiders who wished to remain anonymous claimed Bennett's own consumption has ravaged the nations supply. Grade: F.

Season highlights: 14-game losing streak; getting thoroughly embarrassed on ESPN by the Hornets and firing PJ the next day.

Overall grade: D

More corndogs! More losses! More Blunder!

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