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Friday, February 20, 2009

Seattle Stalling Out on Getting Bennett's $30 Million?

Seattle 'leaders' continue to find ways to help Clay Bennett keep his $30 million! An awfully kind and rewarding gesture towards the man that screwed over 41 years worth of Sonics fans' memories.

Another proposal to introduce Key Arena upgrades to the legislature has been shelved. According to the terms of Bennett's deal for Seattle to get that $30 million, it requires that the Legislature buy into a renovation financing plan before adjourning its 2009 session this spring.

Ross Hunter, chairman of the House Finance Committee said his plan meets that criterion -- by simply providing the city taxing authority it already has. He is prepared to propose a bill that would allow the city to increase Seattle's property or business taxes, with voter approval.

"They asked me not to introduce it." Hunter claims.

Tim Ceis said Hunter's proposal doesn't cut it. However he wasn't giving up hope just yet. "Hopefully, we will be able to work with him to get something that will work," Ceis said.

Hunter says the city is pushing another tax idea, but neither side will discuss it.

"They're working hard at figuring out the details and making sure it's viable," Hunter said. He plans to file a place-holder bill Thursday to avoid breaking a deadline for new legislation. Hunter says it is still possible lawmakers could vet and approve a new idea before adjourning in the spring. "These things are always done in three days at the end of session", according to Hunter.

Is Seattle being pragmatic and thorough or just indifferent to the NBA? Surely the current economic landscape requires prudent thinking, and that seems to be the case here. Isn't acquiring $30 million in free money prudent thinking? Shouldn't this be a no brainer agenda for the city? Regardless of the revenge factor, which should be motivation enough, who doesn't want/need free money? GET IT DONE, SEATTLE!

Now more than ever you cannot afford NOT to.

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome to come visit your stuff anytime you like.

You could even stay for a game, where you can see how different it is for a team to draw more than 9,000 fans to an arena that didn't reach it's heyday in the age of hairmetal.

On second thought, I think reading this article makes me want to go visit the THUNDER's NBA trophy.

I'll send you a picture if you'd like.