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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lucky Blunder Number 7; NBA's New Welfare Program

As in seven straight losses! Fresh off their display of Bennett-like ineptness in losing six in a row, the Blunder of OKC extend it to seven by losing 110-108 in Dallas on Friday night. It was a loss that could've been prevented by having an inside presence like Tyson Chandler, but his $12 million-a-year contact apparently caused him to fail his physical. We'll see how OKC responds after the NBA's $175 million dollar welfare program kicks in. More on that later.

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant had six points and left the game in the first quarter after spraining his ankle. He is listed as day-to-day by the Blunder 'medical staff' which probably consists of an intern, a cup of ice and a band aid. If he cannot play he'll sit curbside to watch the OKC car wreck. Russell Westbrook missed 21 shots and had four turnovers in 47 minutes, former Wazzu star Kyle Weaver was 1-5 for four points, Nick Collison and some low-rent dude named Thabo Sefolosha had five fouls apiece to lead the Blunder low-lights.

The Blunder improved to 3-25 on the road, 0-7 since "Bumble", their bizarre sasquach/retarded-bison hybrid mascot was revealed. Lower that bar, Clay!

Blunder: 13-45, last place
Next loss: Saturday vs. Memphis "lookin' for a new home" Grizzlies.

NBA Deepens Its Debt; Takes on Welfare Role

The NBA has acquired another $175 million in loans in an effort to create a financial welfare pool for struggling teams to draw from. The NBA polled its teams and found that 15 were desperate for financial help, thanks to David Stern's 'guidance'. The only team that has confirmed it is expecting to draw from the welfare fund is the Orlando Magic. Alex Martins, Magic CEO, said the Magic plans on drawing from the fund because "It certainly helps us bridge the time period between now and when we move into our new events center in 2010." They claim operating losses of 15-20 million annually over the past few years.

If they are operating in the negative, why are they not reducing salaries or front office costs? No mention of any cost cutting measures the club(s) has taken. What are these teams doing to be fiscally responsible other than looking for handouts?

Each team will have a cap of 11.66 million it can draw on to stave off financial disaster. The teams that will be drawing from the pot have not been announced. You have to wonder, with the financial disaster the Blunder owners have incurred and their obvious inability to take on the Tyson Chandler contract, what are the odds Clay Bennett will be reaching for a hand-out in his first season in Blunderland?

More Corndogs! More Losses! More Handouts!


Anonymous said...

if they get a handout that is total bullshit. they should have never left Seattle and now they want welfare? total B.S.

Anonymous said...

Guess you missed the game last night; OKC got it done against the same Mavs team in front of a sellout crowd without Kevin Durant and Jeff Green.(You being from Seattle I know you've never seen a selllout crowd, so I can explain what it is if you'd like).

My one hope is that you keep this site up long enough for me to post about our playoff run in 2011.

In the meantime, you guys can watch Storm games and pretend those amazons are actually NBA players, while I look at the Thunder's NBA trophy in the Thunder's trophy case.

And good luck getting that expansion team, you'll need it.

JAWA said...

Wow, I've never seen anyone so delusional until now. The Blunder "wom" their 15th game of the year and Anonymous #2 is already claiming a championship in 2-3 years.

And no, we don't need you to explain what a sell out crowd looks like. However, we can explain to you what it feels like to make the playoffs and win a championship, something your precious Blunder will never accomplish. But I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed last night's "wim" against Dallas without the services of both Durant and Green. It should be a good preview of the team in a couple of years after both of them have left, not to mention many more will follow them out as soon as they get the chance as well.

In the words of auroraave, stay classy OKC! I know it's hard for you and your OKC troll buddies to do that, but give it a shot. Then someone might just take you seriously for once.

Anonymous said...

No way some joker is predicting a playoff run. In 2011 durant will be gone. I guess they will ride the rusty knees of Gonads Crustykins to that title. Who's up for some corndogs?!

Veritas said...

Actually JAWA, I was talking about the NBA trophy we took from you when we rescue....err.....transported the Thunder from Seattle.

As for KD and JG leaving, I understand in your childish mind you and the site owner here only want to see harm befall the former Supersonics, but common sense dictates that neither player are going to leave a team with the Thunder's potential and take a HUGE paycut because OKC doesn't have a beach or 500 night clubs.

But again, if it makes you feel better to pretend this is the case, then by all means, pretend away.

And as far as staying classy, I'm pretty sure you and your collective ilk here have the market cornered, given that the site's name is OKC Blunder.

Come to think of it, all your talk of NBA playoffs and NBA championships makes me want to go visit the ones the Thunder have in the Ford center. Sure they earned them back when they went by a different name and wore clashing uniforms, but its part of OKC's team history just the same.

I'll send you a postcard if you'd like, or you can take the 6 hour flight down here to visit them yourselves since it's obvious to even the casual observer that you will NEVER get the rights back.

(And thanks for the spell check. Nothing says "I have a solid arguement" like pointing out spelling errors).

JAWA said...

And the laughs just keep coming from OKC! Keep 'em coming, you're providing us here in Seattle some great comic relief!

So according to Veritas' logic, Durant and Co. would take a pay cut should they leave OKC and its so-called "potential" (I smirk every time you OKC trolls think that way). Right, they'll take a pay cut all right should they go to the likes of oh, New York, LA, Boston, and other bigger markets, in which they can offer WAY more money than your joke of a "big league city". That sure does make a lot of sense now does it!? And you call me "childish". Hypocrite. BTW, are there any championship banners hanging at the Ford Center!? Figures that the only way Bennett can get a championship to OKC is to borrow the one the Sonics won back in 1979. It's quite pathetic, but since it's Bennett, I'd expect nothing less from that fat idiot.

But hey, keep on pretending yourself (even more hypocrisy from an OKC troll) that the Blunder has "potential" to be a good team someday, because they're a long ways away from being considered playoff contenders. BTW, I've also seen your posts from There must not be much to do in OKC when you have to resort to posting on a Sonic fans' blogs.

I'd tell you to "stay classy", but it's a lost cause with you and your OKC troll brethren. Then again, you guys support Bennett, so that explains everything.

Veritas said...

JAWA, you should really do some research before you take up the keyboard.

Have you really never heard of the Larry Bird rule, allowing small market cities the right to offer more money to players than teams in bigger markets?

Look it up, I'll wait....

And here I thought you Sonics fans were intelligent. Must be all that rain that depresses the intellect right out of you.

Enjoy wearing your jersey representing a team that no longer exists; I'll make sure to drink one for you tonight while I watch the Thunder put an asswhipping on the Wizards.

In the meantime, you guys should just let all this hate go; I mean sure it is just downright embarassing to be beaten by a guy who represents a state you look down your collective noses at, but anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that you don't blame the fox (Bennett) for eating the chicken (the Sonics/Thunder) when the farmer (Schultz) gave him the keys to the henhouse to begin with.

I'll let you get back to your Thunderhating circle-jerk, JAWA. Lord knows autoraave must be tired of holding your "corndog" by now.


JAWA said...

I've seen some rather funny stuff coming from the OKC troll crowd, but the stuff Veritas provides takes the cake. He actually thinks OKC has a chance to compete with the big boys to sign the top free agents out there, let alone their very own. Pure comedy at its best! Keep em coming, Veritas, you're one funny dude! Too bad we're laughing AT you, not WITH you. BTW, you might want to inquire J.A. Adande and Stephen A. Smith about the Blunder's chances of signing the likes of Lebron or any other player of his caliber.

And yes, we're just as mad at Schultz as we're mad at your hometown hero, if not more, I'm glad you finally figured that out. Now if only you can figure out that this is an anti-Thunder blog...

I'm glad you support the Storm, because they have a much better chance of making the playoffs than your precious Blunder. Go Storm indeed!

Anonymous said...

"small market teams have the right to bid more than large market teams (sic)" may bethe most absurd statement of the obvious I have ever read on hear. The basic problem is that THEY CANNOT FINANCIALLY AFFORD TO PAY THEM MORE. Seriously, Forrest, anyone has the 'right' to bid higher. The problem is THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO DO IT. My God are you really that dim? Why would they NOT be allowed to bid higher? That makes zero sense. Bird played his entire career in a big market. I get that you aren't even trying to engage in logical debate, but simply trying to be annoying. We all get it. We also get that you come on sites like this because the intelligence level is light years ahead of your OKC forums. We all get it. Typically predictable and sans any debating skills. What is the problem with the Storm? They've proven to be far more competitive than the Blunder and no one mocks their name or uniforms or championship.

Anonymous said...

"small market teams have the right to bid more than large market teams (sic)" may bethe most absurd statement of the obvious I have ever read on hear. The basic problem is that THEY CANNOT FINANCIALLY AFFORD TO PAY THEM MORE. Seriously, Forrest, anyone has the 'right' to bid higher. The problem is THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO DO IT. My God are you really that dim? Why would they NOT be allowed to bid higher? That makes zero sense. Bird played his entire career in a big market. I get that you aren't even trying to engage in logical debate, but simply trying to be annoying. We all get it. We also get that you come on sites like this because the intelligence level is light years ahead of your OKC forums. We all get it. Typically predictable and sans any debating skills. What is the problem with the Storm? They've proven to be far more competitive than the Blunder and no one mocks their name or uniforms or championship.

Veritas said...

First off, I NEVER said we were going to get Lebron. Period. If you want to retain what shred of credibility you have, at least refrain from twisting my words and lying about what I said.

My comment about the Larry Bird rule was in response to your asanine conclusion that, simply because OKC is a small market team, that we will somehow lack the money needed to pay KD, JG and other players who play for OKC what it takes to get them to stay. Thus my mentioning of a rule, held by the NBA, that allows a team from a small market to offer above all offers from large market teams like NY or LA.

That being said, I would again like to point out how ridiculously hypocritical it is for you all to go around pretending OKC will NEVER have a winning season, when you were the ones prediciting the second coming of Shawn Kemp last year when the team had a different name and jersey. Any credibility you may have built with ANYONE with all your crybaby blathering is shot to hell when you start this line of thought, as it only proves what a bunch of pussified whiners you all must be.

The bottom line is, OKC will do just fine finding its way in the NBA with the nucleus it is building.

And if you'd put your pathetic egos away long enough to watch your old team play in front of a sold out crowd going crazy for the team, you would see just how much KD, JG and the rest of the guys like growing together as a team in their new city.

And as for KD or JG leaving, I'm sure it will be pretty hard for them to take the pay cut to move to NYC or LA in 2 years when the Thunder are making the playoffs.

...Just like most of YOU predicted they would, only now in a city who gives a damn.

JAWA said...

Wow, and the delusions/laughs just keep on coming from one Veritas!

And I'm glad you didn't mention that OKC won't sign the likes of Lebron and other players of his caliber. Good to know that you're not THAT delusional to think your precious Blunder has a shot at them.

You make it sound like the Sonics never had a sell-out crowd before. If it's one thing I've learned from trolls of the OKC-variety, and that's they're ignorant as hell. But whatever. If you want to keep making yourself more foolish than before, go ahead. All hope is lost on you anyways, so why not!?

I fail to see how Durant and others would take a pay cut should they leave OKC for greener pastures. Make more money in a bigger market or make less money in a small market like OKC. Hmmm, what will they do!? And since we're on the subject of markets and their sizes, I wouldn't be surprised if your hometown hero is in line to get some of that "NBA welfare"! Attendance may be the only thing going for Bennett, but you also gotta have good TV ratings and merchandise sales, in which they're ranked amongst the worst in the NBA. One of the reasons if of course, the market size of OKC. Tell me, where is Bennett going to get all this money to sign both Durant and Green, let alone free agents, in such a small market!? And don't give me that "pay cut" business, that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Then again, you're an OKC troll, so you don't really make much sense anyways, especially since you're talking out of your rear most of the time.

Anything else you'd like to add (AKA making a fool out of yourself), or are you all done?

auroraave said...

I am totally confused...why would someone think they would be taking a pay CUT to go to NYC or LA? Pay cut from what? The rookie contract they are under? That doesn't make any sense at all. Adding in the simple fact that both those markets could easily afford to pay them max deals that OKC simply could never match, and their marketing and endorsement deals will be much much bigger in those high profile markets. You cannot possibly believe his agent would not pursue (and get) a max deal as opposed to taking less in OKC. They both would be a laughing stock and since the agents fee is based on client revenue, he will never take less when so much more is on the table. It's called DOING HIS JOB. the idea that they would take less money is simply absurd...and to come to the bizarre conclusion he'd be taking a pay CUT from his rookie contract to go to a NY or LA market simply defies any logic and common sense. I cannot believe anyone would seriously draw that utterly ridiculous conclusion.

Veritas said...

How will they pay KD more? I'm glad you asked.

(from wikipedia)

"Perhaps the most well-known of the NBA's salary cap exceptions, it is so named because the Boston Celtics were the first team permitted to exceed the salary cap to re-sign one of their own players (in that case, Larry Bird). Free agents who qualify for this exception are called "qualifying veteran free agents" or "Bird Free Agents" in the CBA, and this exception falls under the auspices of the Veteran Free Agent exception. In a nutshell, the Larry Bird exception allows teams to exceed the salary cap to re-sign their own free agents, at an amount up to the maximum salary. To qualify as a Bird free agent, a player must have played three seasons without being waived or changing teams as a free agent. This means a player can obtain "Bird rights" by playing under three one-year contracts, a single contract of at least three years, or any combination thereof. It also means that when a player is traded, his Bird rights are traded with him, and his new team can use the Bird exception to re-sign him. Bird-exception contracts can be up to six years in length."

Unfortunately, I ASSumed you two had enough sense to know about something as basic as Bird Rights, but apparantly that ASSumption was wrong.

As for your other question, JAWA; unfortunately for you, much like my name, I do not go away easily. Besides, it would take a lot more than a pathetic hack like you and the site owner hypocritically skewing my words to make me leave.

As for the second part of your commentary, auroraave, endorsement deals are not location specific, but rather predicated by the popularity of the player. In the modern age of ESPN and the million other ways people watch sports, it is pretty asinine to think that when KD becomes one of the 3 best players in the league, that somehow he will be less of a commodity for large companies to hire because he plays in OKC instead of LA.

In other words, do you think Reebok is really going to care if KD plays out of the Ford center or Key arena when he starts averaging 40 a game and takes a franchise that hasn't done anything of not for 10 years to the playoffs?

C'mon guys; you can do better than these weak arguments; I would almost feel bad if you weren't so pathetically inept at forming a decent argument.

Sadly, the prevailing Seattlite seems to be much like Schultz; inferior.

auroraave said...

Well, part of your flawed philosophy begins when you ignorantly bring up the salary cap issue. The Blunder are would not even be going over the cap by signing Durant to a max contract. Boston, as you may have missed, was loaded with talent at the time and would have easily gone over it. You are arguing a situation that OKC is in no danger of duplicating and it was in everyone's best interest to keep Bird in Boston as it would propogate the Boston LA rivalry which was fueling the NBA at the time.
Secondly, as I write this I am leaving the St louis office of CAA - the largest sports agency in The business where many friends of mine work - they will tell you winning are paramount in max marketing and revenue. You can sell a lot more jerseys in NY and LA than in OKC. It's fundamental economics. You simply cannot change those things. I am sure OKC is a nice place and I like the players but that is a tainted team and ownership group and they already have a bad rep inside the agency world. You have no idea how much that influences things.
making top dollars in sports -

JAWA said...

Great responses to Veritas' gibberish, auroraaave! I hope he learned something about the "Larry Bird rule", but something tells me this OKC troll hasn't and will continue on with his anti-Seattle diatribe. Oh well, no worries. I guess he doesn't mind making a complete fool of himself.

Calling us "inferior", eh, Veritas!? If it's one thing I've learned from these OKC trolls, and that's they say the funniest things! Then again, they are talking out of their rears, so that explains everything.

BTW, how nice of you to avoid the fact that the Blunder might be getting some of that "welfare" from the NBA. That doesn't bode well for the team in OKC, especially in its first year there. It appears McClendon knew what he was talking about, huh! Well, I don't think they're anywhere close to breaking even, especially since they're getting killed with their TV ratings and merchandise sales.

Now, are you going to come back with something constructive or are you still going to call us names since you can't come up with anything worth mentioning?

Veritas said...

Auroraave, while I see your point of mass marketing equaling bigger revenue, mine still stands to be made: When you have a shoe endorsement deal or a clothing line contract (as many of the players do), your product spreads nationwide, therefore making the size of the market your team is in irrelevant.

As for your other point, I understand why the Bird rule was enacted, and that Durant isn't exactly in the same situation in OKC. My point in bringing that up is in response to your brain-dead commenter JAWA insinuating that somehow OKC isn't going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep KD in OKC. Getting him in the first place was the steal of a lifetime; If KD decides he wants to leave to play for another team, the deal he is offered by OKC will not be one of the reasons.

You say our team is tainted, and I tend to agree with that remark. What I fail to comprehend is how you perpetrate your hatred for all things Thunder by running a site dedicated to spewing pathetic diatribes OKC and the Thunder.

It reminds me of a guy who, when dumped by his girlfriend, promises her they will always be friends, but proceeds to stalk her and make pathetic attempts to hurt her, hoping it will somehow sway her opinion of him.

But I guess I'll never understand how anyone can go from celebrating the victories of a struggling team to making fun of the same team's record in less than a year.

It makes me wonder if any of you were even true fans in the first place.

And JAWA, try to actually wait for things to happen before you pass judgement; you have no more knowledge of whether or not OKC will dip into the NBA "welfare pot" than that fatass waste of life big Mo. It weakens your arguement terribly when you start talking trash about a move OKC HASN'T EVEN MADE YEY.

...but then again, I guess you're running out of relevant points to make in your hatefest of a circle-jerk, so I guess that's a good thing.

Have a good weekend guys; I'll try to make a point of posting my next response from a Thunder game, so you can get close to your old team again.

JAWA said...

It just never stops with Veritas, does it!? Now he's whining about this blog because it's talking badly about his precious Blunder. Know what I have to say to that!?

"Boo hoo"

And you're right, I don't know for sure if that fat idiot owner of the Blunder is going to get some of that "welfare" from the NBA, but due to the circumstances involved, I wouldn't be surprised if he will.

Again, if you don't like what's being said about your precious Blunder, why do you come here? Call us "circle jerks" or whatever insults you can think of if it makes you feel any better. It just shows how much class and intelligence you have, which isn't much. Then again, you're an OKC troll, so that explains everything.

BTW, did you happen to read what Bill Simmons said today about your team and city!? Oh no, Bill Simmons said something bad about Veritas' team and city! Heaven forbid! Too bad that's what the majority of the sports world thinks as well. Tough break, kid, but it sure as hell isn't our problem.

I would say more, but if I do, I'd just become as dumb as you, so I think I'll stop.

auroraave said...

JAWA - it's ironic - this guys actually admits I am right about the Bird rule not applying here - basically eliminating his fundamental argument - and we're the 'bad guys'. He still cannot wrap him mind around the big picture in marketing; that you will sell more shoes, more jersey's (more corndogs) in a NY or LA market, period. 15 million people in a city vs. 250,000. Simple math and economics. Adding in the fact that small market teams that are losing badly simply do not get the natural, national TV exposure that propels an individual to the top of he heap. People will try and argue about teams like Utah and San Antonio - the difference is that both are perrennial winners and have stable, smart front offices...which translates into on-court success. It's simply a no-brainer Durant is gone. He won't rock the boat - he'll smartly play the good soldier knowing he has a bigger stage to get to in the near future. Makes you wonder, if he was so fond of OKC, why wouldn't they be talking contract extension? If KD loved it there and was set on staying, wouldn't the front office quickly get a max extension deal done now, to prevent any competition that free agency will bring? It locks up the face of the franchise, provides stability, would surely help future season ticket sales, and would provide a massive amount of positive press for a team that has had nothing but bad press.

I guess it's just me that thinks ahead like a smart front office should be doing. Then again, why would you think about the future if you are in OKC? It can't look to bright...ask Aubrey.

These guys predictably start the name calling, "we got a team" etc, when they are overmatched in the debate. Nothing new there. Their inability to engage thoughtfully always ends in mudslinging. It's psychology's like the guy that thinks if he yells the loudest he's right. They never are, that's why they yell. And to question why a Sonic's fansite would be anti-Blunder (while reading it consistantly)...? I mean...what else would it be? Bennett completely screwed the fan base - less in taking the team then in HOW he did it. If OKC want to ignore that - fine. Ignorance is bliss, right? And for the fans there to take this site personally...? Frankly I am flattered they think that much about it.
More Corndogs!
More Losses! More Blunder!

JAWA said...

Spot on, auroraave! It's funny that these OKC trolls thinks they know more about professional sports than us here in Seattle, despite only having the NBA for 2-3 years (including hosting the Hornets). Well, they're in for a rude awakenining, if not already. And of course, since they are trolls, they can't debate nor engage in a civil discussion and have to resort to insults and agitation because that's all they have. And you should feel honored that these Blunder fans are taking offense to your blog! It's not your problem if they can't handle the negativity surrounding their precious team, especially in how Bennett got them to OKC.

Going back to the topic at hand, we all know that the NBA's business model is completely broken, and this league is in dire straits when it comes to finances. Frankly put, it's the "rich getting richer, poor getting poorer" scheme, and it's no wonder that the NBA is having financial problems. I can't think of another league right now that's received a "handout". Just goes to show just how much trouble the NBA is in. No, losing Seattle's market wasn't the main cause of the NBA'a woes, but it certainly doesn't help in the long run. Trading the 12th largest market for the 45th in OKC makes absolutely no sense from a business standpoint, but hey, this is what Stern and Bennett wanted, and now, they must deal with the consequences of their foolish decisions.

As you said in an earlier post, perhaps Seattle got it right when they let the team go. Well, I think they did, and I'm sure they're glad to have jumped from the sinking ship that is the NBA.

No doubt, let there be more corn dogs, more losses, more Blunder, and more Bumble!

Veritas said...

So, I concede a well thought out point, and that somehow you take that as me admiting you were right on the Larry Bird rule?

No wonder Bennett thought he could take advantage of businessmen in Seattle.

Tell you what, auroraave; you can have your misguided childish tantrums all you like. Hell, even fill it with your hopes that KD leaves OKC for good measure.


And way to pick the 1 loss out of the last 5 games to blog about. Your bias is almost as palpable as the Seattle PI.

Let's hope this site goes the way of that paper and cloes soon.

JAWA said...

Here comes Veritas with even more laughs!

Glad that you put two and two together there, sport. No, auroraave's blog knocking on everything OKC Thunder won't bring the team back. I'm glad you finally realized that. However, what you don't get is that this is his way of venting his frustration of losing the Sonics to OKC, and it doesn't help when you have trolls such as yourself coming here and agitate and gloat about that. As I said before, it takes someone of very little intelligence and class to do what you and your OKC troll buddies do, but I'm not surprised since you are, after all, a troll. If you don't like what's being said about your precious Blunder, simply do not come here. Simple as that. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but hey, we're not exactly dealing with an Einstein here (AKA you).

BTW, impressive wim by the Blunder yesterday. I didn't realize they had a game till you ran your big mouth. And don't worry about auroraaave blogging about one loss in the last five games of your precious Blunder. He can have his choosing of the 46 losses to blog about...oh wait, he already did!

Oh, and Durant will still leave OKC, despite the fact that it won't bring the Sonics back. I'll end it right here since I can feel my IQ dropping to your level, which isn't good.

Veritas said...


Since things are getting a bit redundant, I will only add this: thanks for finally giving credit to the Thunder on their win yesterday.

JAWA said...

Hmm, I think I was being sarcastic about their "wim", especially since they beat the Sixers, which isn't an elite NBA team. Oh well, a "wim's" and "wim", and since the Blunder are sorely lacking of those, I guess they'll take any "wim" they can. However, they are still a long way's from getting within a whiff's distance of the playoffs. They may be good at home, but their road record is horrendous, and with upcoming road games at Denver and Phoenix, you can pretty much add two more losses to the Blunder's loss column.