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Best logo in the NBA

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bennett-League Blunder Streak to 14th Straight Loss

Blow outs, second half collapses, apathetic play. The Blunder found another way to lose as the Timberwolves' Mike "The Mullet" Miller drained a 19-foot buzzer-beater to lift the hapless T-Wolves over the even more-hapless Blunder, 105-103 on Friday.

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant and Jeff Green combined for 44 points to lead the losing effort. Earl Watson added zero points in 14 minutes while Chris Wilcox chipped in with 6 personal fouls to lead the Blunder low lights. Scott Brooks pushed his record to 0-4 as Blunder head coach/Bennett’s scapegoat. The game was another non-sellout. Time to lower corndog prices? Someone wake up the marketing department!

The Blunder lost for the 14th straight time - tying the franchise record set last season. Both dubious streaks come under Clay Bennett's ownership and are compliments of his methodical and intentional decimation of the team to enable his move to OKC. Sadly, frenzied OKC fans must now witness the debacle Bennett created to achieve that agenda. Even worse, Bennett expects the good people of OKC to financially support this intentionally horrible product...during a recession, when disposable income is minimalized.

How many folks are rushing out to buy the "Oklahoma City Thunder Men's Excellence Polo shirt", on the Blunder website....for $55? Say it out loud; "Fifty Five dollars for a Blunder "Excellence" polo shirt??" It's interesting that the Los Angeles Lakers, with the NBA's best record, sells their polo shirts for $45.


Maybe we just have different opinions of what excellence means, but 1-16 isn't mine. Charging $55 to the good people of OKC to support a 1-16 team during a recession just doesn't seem excellent to me. Description of shirt; Thunder logo is embroidered at the left chest and the Antigua golf crest on right sleeve. A golf logo on an NBA shirt? Excellence? Another OKC Bush-League Blunder.

The $55 "excellence" Polo.
I think “Bush-League” just became “Bennett-League”.

Blunder: 1-16
Next Loss - Saturday at Memphis


Anonymous said...

hole shit - are they really selling shirts for $55? Unbelievable. bennett should be ashamed.

JAWA said...

At least Minnesota didn't blow it this time around!

With tickets being 37% more expensive than they were in Seattle, I'm not surprised Bennett is overcharging for an "excellence" Blunder polo shirt.

MarkS said...

The extra cost is a necessaty due to the massive Okie girth. One not only needs more material to make the shirt but it has to be reinforced against ever expanding waistelines

Anonymous said...

LOLOL! Extra girth and reinforced waistlines - That's hilarious! Do they go with overalls?

You stay klassy, OKC!

Anonymous said...