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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blunder 86'd in Philly Blowout

The Blunder stormed into Philadelphia on Saturday carrying the burden of a six-game losing streak. It stands at seven after Philly crushed them 110-85. Jeff Green led the Blunder with 21 points. It's the first time this season the former Seattle Supersonics were led by someone other than future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant who had 13 points on another miserable shooting night, going 6-18 from the field and 1-4 from the stripe. Perhaps his sore ankle is hampering him. Perhaps it's his broken spirit from playing on this 1-9 debacle-of-a-team that Bennett created.

Thaddeus Young dropped in 23 points as the 76ers, one night removed from overcoming a 26-point deficit to beat Indiana, improved to 5-5. Blunder center-project Robert Swift led the Blunder low-lights with zero points and one rebound in 14 minutes. Project-center part two, Johan Petro, led the Blunder with five fouls.

The Blunder look completely overwhelmed and a potential 70-game loser this season. Going to be tough to fill the Ford Center in OKC, even with the most hardcore fans. who are forced to endure what Seattle fans were last season - Clay Bennett's utter decimation of a competitive team.

Next Loss: Monday vs Houston.


Neb said...

The problem with this team is that since Durant came along, he was put into being the 'leader', at least scoring-wise. Kevin does have some skills, but when you play with someone who is one dimensional (read ball hog), after a while it starts bringing the team down moral wise. Effort goes down across the board. The last few games show that. Unless KD practically reinvents his game to be more team minded, he'll be more of a liability than an asset. MJ didn't start rolling in the rings until he changed his game to make his teammates better. He passed. He played hella D, and put in the hustle--every damn game. So many times I've seen Kevin stand around waiting for the ball instead of getting into position for a rebound. There's just some intensity lacking. As well as strength to go to the basket.

The sad thing is that it didn't have to come down like this. The Sonics had a solid team with Allen & Lewis, where Durant could have learned the game the right way, coming off the bench and building his equity over a few years playing along some great guys. The 'scorer' mentality he's developing now will not serve him well as his career develops. Nobody will want to play with him.

neb said...

BTW: Durant thinks it was good to leave Seattle behind:

Maybe Durant should have stayed in school. He might have just learned how to put a rational thought together. Why the fuck would people in Seattle support someone who blatantly lied to us? Even still, a good 12-14K people would come out to watch a little weakling hoist missed shot after missed shot. See Durant shoot. See Durant miss. See Durant shoot and miss some more. Oh, wait, there's a Durant turn-over. Fuck you Durant. Your game is weak. WEAK!

auroraave said...

Agreed. However, I do not believe Durant would rather be in OKC than in Seattle. It's a kid being pressured to toe the company line. What else would anyone expoect? He'd openly criticize the tram? Not gonna happen, not this early in the season, anyway. But sit tight, as this ship sinks, blame will be handed out and as patience wears this with the situation, their guards will be let down and then you'll hear the grumblings. He definitely should not have the burden of carrying the team, but that is the situation. With legitimate help he could be very good but needs to get bigger. Alongside Rashard and Ray that could have been a wicked threesome. Oh well.

neb said...

Ok. Yeah. A little harsh of the youngster. I have good days and bad days. When I see highlights of these amazing game ending shots (like Roy vs Houston, or Luke vs Boston the other night), and see the crowd rise to their feet, voices at maximum capacity, it makes me sad, mostly angry at how those moments have been stolen from us. I still remember how amazing it was that game in '06 where Ridnour made that game winning floater in the lane. I'm new to Seattle and that was my first game in the lower bowl. And Ray-Ray with that sweet as shot. I didn't care what the score was with him on the court. A thing of beauty.

This love-hate relationship with the NBA is just bizarre for me. For years I went by without giving a damn. Then right when I start getting the vibe of the home town (playoffs '05!!)... I get an upper-cut from Bennett to the jaw.

Durant: your still a weakling!!