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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Magic Touch Makes Bennett's Blunder Vanish

Titanic. Hindenberg. The Bush Administration. Add the Blunder to this list of disasters.

Dwight Howard's first career triple-double led the Orlando Magic over the Blunder on Wednesday, 109-92. Howard had 30 points, 19 boards and 10 blocks. The Blunder's disappearing act began immediately as the Magic cruised to a 32 point lead on Russell Westbrook's 0-11 first half shooting. He finished with 13 points on 3-19 from the field.

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant sat out with a sore ankle. A sign of things to come? Durant has been carrying this team in scoring and minutes and it will catch up to him physically in this league.

Mouhamed Sene led the Blunder lowlights with one point, going 1-2 from the line. Former Washington State star Kyle Weaver scored his first career NBA field goal and finished with two points. Teams continue to feast on this disaster of a team Bennett has created, which is getting embarrassed at home, on the road and in the media. The players are giving all their effort early in the season, but as the losses pile up and morale sinks, how long until the effort wanes?

This team, created by Bennett and Stern to enable the move from Seattle, is embarrassing both for OKC and the league. Every day this ownership group and its relocation to OKC are looking like a huge mistake and a black eye on the league. Night after night this traveling circus gets blown out. You hate to see young talent beaten down and broken so early in their careers. It's simply not fair. They are forced to pay the price for Bennett's agenda and Stern's personal vendetta against Seattle.

I can see Durant having consistent ailments as he gets beaten down physically and mentally. Losing and low morale will taint this team and be difficult to reverse. Players will not want to play in OKC under this ownership group which has turned a once-proud Supersonic franchise into a public laughing-stock CBA team. No offense to the CBA intended.

Three weeks into the season and the games are not selling out in OKC. Can you blame them? They're now bearing witness to what Bennett did to Seattle fans with his decimation of the Sonics; a terrible product that he forced long-time Seattle fans endure. As much as OKC thought they were ready for an NBA team, this cannot be what they were imagining. From one fan to another - my condolences on your nightmare. It's likely only going to get worse, both for the team and the fans, as reality sets in on this ill-fated Blunder. Non of this is the players or the fans fault, yet they are being asked to pay the bar tab for weak, watered down drinks. Totally unfair.

Could this team lose 70 games? How long until OKC is asking for handouts to keep this team afloat financially? Bennett and Stern should be ashamed. Stern will more than likely leave his buddy Bennett high and dry and wring his hands of the situation. This team is a bust and a total OKCBlunder.

Next Loss: At New York - where the Blunder will get to display their Knick tribute uniforms for the fans. That should be fun.



Anonymous said...

Another question is how long until the NBA realizes they made a mistake in moving the team from the 14th largest market to the 45th, especially one with 41 years of history? It appears they're already paying the price for that "blunder" as well.

auroraave said...

The joke is on the OKC fans, desperate for a team at any cost. They're like the little kid yearning for a shiny new train set, so dad goes out and buys the last one in the store - a used display model in the window. It's Christmas morning and he finally opens up the bright, shiny train set he wanted so badly...only to discover it's not bright or even shiny, and in fact it doesn't even work. They got exactly what they wanted, only it was broken. And the little kid across the street says "I told you so..."

acompleteunknown said...

I keep hoping to wake up one day and find out this has all been one elaborate episode of Punk'd.