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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bennett's Blunder's Broadway Debut: Brutal

Bennett's Blunder made their Broadway debut on Friday and the reviews were unanimous; this team is Blunderful!

Bennett's first New Your trip was a rounding success...if you're a Knicks fan. New York stormed out to a 30-point lead as they humbled the bumbling OKC/NBA experiment on Friday night, 116-106. The former Seattle Sonics team that was gutted and moved to the 45th largest market by idiot-du-jour Clay Bennett, pushed their current losing streak to six games. Seven, if you count the move. Eight, if you count the New York Knick tribute uniforms they New York. All interesting choices.

The Blunder are on pace to reach the mythical '70' plateau that few teams dare strive for. Chicago did it. The Lakers are on pace for it. Oh, that's right, those were for wins. OKC is on pace for 70 losses under Bennett, Stern and PJ's wrinkled, guiding hands. The 1973 Philadephia 76ers went 9-73 and Bennett's Blunder is on pace to tie or even break that record. Perhaps the torch will be passed tonight when the 76ers pin another loss on the Blunder.

As always, future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant led OKC with 23 points on 8-21 shooting in 33 minutes. Surprising to see Durant logging 33 minutes while coming off of a sore ankle. Maybe sore ankles heal quicker in OKC. Maybe not.

Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph feasted on the Blunder for 29 points a piece. Joe Smith led the Blunder lowlights with 4 points in 16 minutes. Green, Collison and Westbrook led the Blunder in fouls (five) and in effort.

As this team sinks deeper into last place, morale can only be sinking lower, both for the players and the OKC fans. Bennett/Stern/PJ = Blunder.

Blunder record: 1-8.
Blunder outlook: Gloomy.
Next Loss: Saturday at Philadelphia.

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Neb said...

Maybe the season won't be a complete waste. I'm already looking forward to the next Blunder loss!