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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bennett's Blunder Crushed by Clippers

The moribund Los Angeles Clippers used runs of 14-2 and 23-4 to beat up on Oklahoma City on Wednesday, 108-88. I cannot remember the last time I read the words "Clippers crush.." in print, but there they are. It was a battle of traditon; the Clippers with a long-standing tradition of futility and the Blunder, a team just establishing theirs.

Chris Kaman went off for the Clippers for 25 points and 14 rebounds to lead the surging Clippers to a 2-9 record. Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant led the former Sonics with 18 points. Chris Wilcox led the Blunder lowlights with 4 points on 1-7 shooting in 14 minutes. OKC is the worst shooting team in the league. The team that Clay Bennett decimated to alienate the Seattle fanbase in a calculated move to aid his relocation to Oklahoma City, is now 1-11, the worst team in the league with a winning percentage of .083. Ouch. Be careful what you wish for, Clay.

Chris Kaman going off, the Clippers crushing anyone, and five Clipper players scoring in double figures is a rarity in this league. This emerging phenomenon seems to correspond directly with teams playing the Blunder. Coincidence? Hmmm. Ask Clay Bennett, the brain trust behind this team, it's much-maligned name, logo, and 1-11 record. Or ask the OKC fans forced to endure this team. It's eerily similar to the one Bennett thrust upon the long-standing, faithful fans in Seattle. The term that comes to mind is unfair.

It's seems inevitable that unless there is some turnaround and this ship can be righted, serious changes will be necessary to keep the the players from revolting, and the fans from disappearing. How long until rumors swirl about PJ's impending firing? It's only a matter of time. Pretty soon they will have to find a new playbook, one that will forge any kind of positive press for this Blunder; firings, trades and the 'ole fan favorite; refrigerator-magnet give-away night.

This is exactly the scenario I've been predicting since Bennett's forced move. Even the most avid OKC fan has to be scratching their they head for the exits in the third quarter of another home blowout loss. Can it get any worse? Yep.

Next loss; Friday vs the New Orleans Hornets - on ESPN. A national audience gets it's first glimpse of Bennett's Blunder.


neb said...

I take my Durant 'weak to the basket' comments back. Durant: since you're obviously reading these and responding, your real problem is that you are way too aggressive. Maybe take it down a notch. Save your strength for when the team is at 1-40, then make your run. And really, you pass the ball way too much. Those teammates running ahead of you on the fastbreak? They're there to distract the defense to clear the way for your next two points. Turnovers be damned.

Just keep you head up and eyes focused on the rim. Keep shooting. Keep dunking. You don't need teammates. You're a superstar. The $40 million from Nike says so.

auroraave said...

I expect the Blunder to dangle Durant out there as trade bait before season's end. I believe he is miserable in OKC - the change of scenery, two miserable seasons under this ownership group with zero relief in sight leads me to deduce he will want out. The question is does it get out into the press before the Blunder front office can try to forge some kind of positive spin on it?

Athletes like to win (or 'wim' if you're in OKC) - and winning breeds more winning. These players cannot be expected to endure this kind of losing without some repurcussions...and they will want to get least the ones who really want to win will. And isn't that the only type of player you really want on your team? The kind that wants to win?

Anonymous said...

New Orleans just brutalized their asses, and New Orleans came in on a slow start of 5-5. hilarious!