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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Celtic Pride Crushes Bennett's Blunder

The Blunder raced out to their best first quarter output of the season Wednesday night, en route to their expected beat-down by the Celtics, 96-83. The Blunder that Bennett built jumped out to a 29-21 lead to delight the non-sellout OKC crowd, until Paul Pierce's 20 points led the Boston charge past the hapless Blunder.

Rockstar, superstar and soon-to-be ex-Blunder star Kevin Durant led OKC, as he always does, with 17 points, but had another poor shooting night in the former SuperSonics team's new gym. He went only 6-for-15 and is 18-for-50 this season at the Ford Center. Perhaps he is distracted by Thunderstruck playing every 30 seconds. Perhaps it's the copycat uniforms. Perhaps he was thinking about former Sonic all-star and current Celtic guard Ray Allen's 18 points...or maybe it was Allen's pre-game comments:

Ray Allen also faced the unique situation of playing his former team in the new city that it relocated to after last season. He was the SuperSonics' star player for more than four seasons before getting traded to the Celtics on draft day last year and was able to avoid the turmoil of the team's subsequent move from Seattle to Oklahoma City.

He talked before the game about how he hoped the NBA would return to Seattle and said again that he'd be willing to work to make that happen. "I think that's a good basketball part of the country. There's a lot of fans that are very knowledgeable to the game," Allen said. "If you throw out the disagreements that the city had with the ownership group, and it was just this past ownership group that sold to the Clay Bennett group that the city was somewhat disgruntled with, it definitely worked. I think just to have basketball not only in Portland but in Seattle, it only does better for the league."

Strong words from the usually soft-spoken Allen. A class act.

Damien Wilkins lead the Blunder low-lights with zero points in 10 minutes. Kyle Weaver matched him stride for stride with zero points but did break out with two assists. With performances like that it's understandable why the game was not sold out and the fans began their exodus in the third quarter. Being down by 17 sure didn't help.

Next Loss - Friday at Utah.


Nebby said...

They can't even sell out for the NBA Champs? Wait 'til the weight of loosing game after game, starts piling up on those poor, entertainment-starved OKC'ers. Come on! Bennett needs your cash!

Anonymous said...

Good to see the Blunder ship back on track towards Loserville!

Anonymous said...

Non-stop to Loserville. I did see a promotion listed in the blunder website (I was checking it for comedy relief) on a Blunder schedule/refrigerator magnet give-away night. With out-of-the-box promotions like that, it's hard to fathom empty seats. Go, Blunder!

Anonymous said...

dude...hilarious blog. you should do one on the oakland raiders. All they have are low lights.

MarkS said...

Refrigerator magnet? Pretty appropiate for a community that has a large number of morbidly obese people.