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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cavs Give Thanks...Giving Bennett's Blunder A Beat Down

The Cleveland Cavaliers got an early Thanksgiving treat this year, compliments of the OKC Blunder. New coach and future scapegoat, Scott Brooks, led the Blunder into Cleveland with high hopes for a Blunder turnaround. Things looked good early - until the tip-off - and then The Blunder endured another thrashing, 117-82. For the mathematically challenged, that's a 35-point loss. Don't see a lot of those in the NBA. LeBron (Gonna look good in a Knicks Uniform) James matched his career-low in minutes with 17 and still had 14 points...more than any Blunder except Chris Wilcox.

Chris Wilcox led OKC with 14 points and was one of only three Blunder players scoring in double figures. Three. Durant, Watson and Green combined for 28 points on a brutal 12-38 shooting performance between them. Johan Petro added five fouls and WSU alum Kyle Weaver added three points to lead the Blunder lowlights.

This was another night of streaks; Cleveland remained perfect at home (8-0), Scott Brooks remained perfect as Blunder scapegoat/coach (0-3) and the Blunder extended their losing streak to 13 games. The Cavs are off to their best start in franchise history at 12-3 while the former Seattle Sonics are off to the worst start in franchise history at 1-15. The second worst start came last season, also under Clay Bennett's 'ruin-the-team-to-move-them guidance. Classy.

I wonder if the OKC fans will be giving thanks to Clay Bennett this Thanksgiving for this abomination of an "NBA" team he's saddled/gifted them with. I wonder what OKC fans will get for Christmas from Bennett...perhaps demands for a new arena? Higher ticket prices? The news of a Durant trade? Corndog night?

Here’s giving thanks to being in Seattle right now, with or without the NBA. At least we are rid of Clay Bennett, and that's a reason to be very thankful.

Blunder 1-15
Next loss - Thursday vs Minnesota.

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Anonymous said...

I am definetely thankful that assclown is gone. corndog eating mofo...